A Dad’s To-Do List in Creating a Child-Proof Home {Guest Post}

This guest post is funny to me because when I was about 7 months pregnant with our son, my husband was the one who “nested”. I was convinced I had all the time in the world, even to the point that when my water broke I told my husband that we were wasting time by […]

Useful tips on how to secure your child from cyber threats – Guest Post

I am a mom who is just learning on how to surf the internet. And lately, I have been fascinated about watching videos on Youtube. Upon browsing the site, I have come across a disturbing but helpful video about possible child abuse on the internet wherein a little girl thought she was chatting with a […]

Child Safety – the lazy version

I’m feeling really tired today (probably because I was playing on Facebook last night until 2am with The Clever Neighbor and Saving Common Cents) but I really wanted to do a Safety post today. So, I read somewhere that when you have blog writing block that you can do a summary post of some favorites…well, […]