Raise Awareness with your BLING – Child Abuse Awareness Bracelet

You all know that I’m not a super fashionista, nor do I bling very often, but if you really know me then you know that I’m all about child abuse awareness. It’s what I do all day (child safety) and it’s definitely my passion in life. I’m good at in my daily life and I […]

Who is watching the babies? #StopChildAbuse

Last month was Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month and I asked several of my blogger friends for stories and posts about their experiences, tips, and advice. There were so many that I just couldn't fit them into one month so I'm bringing you another from Greta at How Was Your Day.

Things have changed, but not enough

It just amazes me the strength of the bloggers who have submitted guest posts to me. It honors me that such strong child abuse survivors trust me with their stories of pain and abuse. I often downplay my own abuse because it does not compare to the abuse that others have endured. I have another […]

Let’s Get Real!

Break the cycle of abuse April is Child Abuse Awareness month which is a very important issue to me. I'm not a child abuse survivor, but I am a children's advocate and I volunteer for my state's Foster Care Review Board. When I learned about this guest blogging opportunity there were so many topics that […]

Stand Up for What’s Right

I have a good friend who I grew up with – you would never know he wasn't just like all of the other kids we ran around with. But when you sat down and talked to him it didn't take long to discover that his history was one of tragedy and hurt.

Signs of Child Abuse

April is child abuse awareness month. To me, this is a very important month. There are many children out there who are suffering abuse in their homes. Abuse is not always physical, and sometimes the verbal abuse can be worse than the physical side. The sad thing is, so many children hide what is happening […]

Child Sexual Abuse – Who is the True Predator?

When I announced to my blogging friends that I was posting during the month of April about Child Abuse Awareness and asked for guest posts, several bloggers sent me messages or emails telling their stories. I am honored that they trust me with their innermost secrets and I am amazed at their strength.  Angela shared […]

Who Is Listening?

I am so unbelievably honored to have this guest post for you all today. This person touched my heart and my life in so many ways that she will NEVER know the impact she made on me. She mentions in this note that I left and she has no idea how hard that was for […]