Raise Awareness with your BLING – Child Abuse Awareness Bracelet

You all know that I’m not a super fashionista, nor do I bling very often, but if you really know me then you know that I’m all about child abuse awareness. It’s what I do all day (child safety) and it’s definitely my passion in life. I’m good at in my daily life and I […]

Who is watching the babies? #StopChildAbuse

Last month was Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month and I asked several of my blogger friends for stories and posts about their experiences, tips, and advice. There were so many that I just couldn't fit them into one month so I'm bringing you another from Greta at How Was Your Day.

The Importance of Reporting Suspected Abuse #StopChildAbuse

Some people who hear stories about abuse wonder why no one knew, why nothing was done. Officials can’t just peep in on everyone’s life to see if abuse is happening, they can only investigate if they have enough cause. If reports come in about suspected abuse, they will look into it. If enough reports come […]

Child Abuse Reporting in Your State (and Canada)

  Now that school is beginning again, children are going to be coming back to school with reports of situations happening at their homes over the Summer Break. If you are a School teacher/counselor or Sunday School teacher or a parent who invites a child over for a sleep-over, you may hear a tale of […]