Bottle Cap Butterfly

My boy mentioned that some kids didn’t bring scissors to school because they didn’t have any. It was then that I had a huge idea that I knew my boy would love. Our newest Crazy Crafts for Kids is a Bottle Cap Butterfly!

Easter Gifts: Dental Hygiene for Kids {Bright Smiles, Bright Futures}

For the past month, my boy's Pre-K class at the YMCA has been studying hygiene and you can bet that my boy had a lot to learn about dental hygiene. I can openly admit that I have not been good about teaching the boy to brush his teeth and I can (embarrassingly) admit that I have not […]

Champions for Kids & Colgate – Bright Smiles Bright Futures®

  Champions for Kids :: Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures® #Colgate4Kids My baby boy started smiling around 2 months old and from that time, he has sported the most infectious smile. He was called Smiley in the infant room at daycare and to this day, we still get stopped at Walmart so strangers can tell […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Now that my boy is in a Pre-K class during the week and has Little Dribblers games on Saturdays, we are looking for some healthy breakfast ideas for kids. He needs to have a great start to the day, get his thinking cap charged, and his energy super-charged (the daycare workers can thank me later for that one!). […]

Give Breakfast a Wake-Up Call with Champions for Kids and Jennie-O

Champions for Kids January SIMPLE Service Project Give Breakfast a Wake-Up Call {Jennie-O} In my household, morning is insane and we are all rushing around. Hubby wakes me (after he has showered and is almost dressed and ready to go) and I jump in the shower while he dresses our boy. I get dressed and […]

Light Their Path! The energy smart Challenge donation

Light Their Path! Knowledge is the Food of the Soul     The GE energy smart Challenge Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project     #GELightingCFK #CBias   Have you started switching out your incandescent light bulbs to the cfl bulbs yet?!! Why not?!! Did you see my post about how my family can save […]

Weekly Update! {Filling the BIG ORANGE TUB}

I just came back from a four day weekend and we were so busy! We took our boy to a prescreening of Wreck It, Ralph (loved it! review coming soon!) and we visited my Granny (Granny Great) and my Aunt Linda (Great Aunt Winna) and we did so many fun things on Thursday and Friday […]

Knowledge is the Food of the Soul – Energy Smart Challenge

As part of my partnership with GE, I received coupons for my GE energy smart® light bulbs. All opinions posted about my GE Lighting experience are my own. Knowledge is the Food of the Soul: The energy smart Challenge Light Their Path! Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project #GELightingCFK You know how when the holidays […]

Help them Thrive! Big Orange Tub of Hygiene Products for Kids

Help them Thrive! Hygiene Products for Kids Dial Into Giving – Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project #DialCFK #CBias So, last month my boy and I donated a BIG GREEN TUB of books to the Palestine YMCA and this month we couldn't resist the tub again. Have you seen the BIG ORANGE TUB that I talked […]

Dial Into Giving with Champions for Kids

Did you know? According to the US Census, now over 1 in 5 children are living in poverty in the United States. In 2011, the number of Americans receiving food stamps hit an all-time high at 46.2 million people – almost 15% of the country! Food stamps cannot be used to buy soap, shampoo, or […]