Don’t Eat All That Halloween Candy!!

Trick or Treat Toothfairy

How much Halloween candy did your children get last night?!! How much did they eat?!! Let’s have a “teaching moment” together!! If your children were as fortunate as mine was last night, you have a lot of candy at your house. You are, most likely, monitoring the candy intake and ensuring that your children are […]

Football Family Fun: A House Divided

Snickers (R) brand Minis {Limited Edition} #SnickersMinis #CBias

My family is a Football Family!! I am a die hard Cowboys fan (good times and bad) and my husband is a die hard Lions fan (good times and bad) so our household is always divided. I am also a University of Texas alumni and love my Longhorns (I have two tattoos to prove it […]

YumEarth Organic Lollipops {Review}

YumEarth organic lollipops

YumEarth Organic Lollipops My boy loves lollipops. When he goes into Daddy’s store, we always have to head straight for the pharmacy so the ladies can give him a treat. We rarely keep them in the house because of all the sugar, but now that we have discovered YumEarth Organic Lollipops, we have found a […]