How to Deal with (and Prevent) Bullying

A few tips for dealing with and preventing bullying

My Son’s First Bully

My son is a sweet boy and was the perfect target for his first bully. I just didn’t expect it to happen in preschool! I’m talking about how WWE and be a STAR are partnered for an anti-bullying campaign.

Tornado of Thoughts {need to get it all out}

My Tornado of Thoughts I haven't done one of these Tornado of Thoughts posts in a long time, but I have a ton of stuff running through my head and I can't get the posts up fast enough so I need to just get it all out. Marriage Stuff Hubby and I haven't had "intimate […]

International Stand Up to Bullying Day

For over 2 years, my son was bullied. He was called bad names and excluded from games and parties. He was even threatened to be killed. At first, we thought it was just teasing. The teasing was continuous. My son felt isolated. It was heartbreaking. What is bullying then? Where is the line between Bullying and […]

Spread the word from Canada about National #PinkShirtDay: Let’s stand against #Bullying

Help protect our children from bullying by taking a stand and becoming active in your child’s life!! Canada’s National Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 when two high school teenagers organized a high-school protest to stand up against the bullying and harassment of a fellow Freshman student. The teens distributed pink T-Shirts to all the boys in their school to […]