Disney Cars Dream Party

My bloggy buddy, Kimberly from A Night Owl, shared this Disney Cars Dream Party idea a while back and I’m totally inspired.

How Boys Play {Wordless Wednesday}

How Boys Play {Wordless Wednesday} His bedroom has a racecar bed and tons of stuffed lovies. His playroom has every toy you could imagine that a boy would want. Where does he play? In Mommy and Daddy's closet… P.S. There is a Pug and a German Shepherd/Boxer mix dog in there with him, too!!

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails {the animals that make my boy jumpy}

What are little boys made of? ♦ Slugs and snails ♦ And puppy-dogs' tails ♦ Not in My Household!! My husband and boy are the ones who scream when there is a spider in the house or a lizard in the carport. Apparently, I'm the brave one who can defeat all the yucky bugs…and animals!! Yes…I have killed a […]