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Creative Consequences for Bad Behaviors

Benjamin is a good kid, but lately we’ve seen a shift in behaviors. Today, I decided to share a few creative consequences for bad behaviors with you to help if you’re in this predicament as well.

Pack the Perfect Lunch & Lunch Notes for Boys {free printable}

Benjamin’s had a rough start to this school year so we’ve been changing things up around the house, including packing the perfect lunch and including lunch notes for boys in his lunch every day. I’m sharing them with you today with these free printables!

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom {date nights and knock knock jokes}

The next installment of why I love being a boy mom – I need some joke ideas!

Mom to Boy: A Thank You Letter to My Son

My boy may only be seven, but he’s already given me so much to be thankful for. It’s time I wrote it down in this letter to my son.

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom {learning independence}

Yeah, I love being a boy mom, but eventually I would love to be the mom of a little man.

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom {video games, wrestling, toys, and more}

From LEGO to WWE, I love everything about being a boy mom.

Mom to Boy: 5 Life Lessons I Want My Son to Learn

What are the life lessons you want your son to learn?

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom

There’s so much to love about being a mom, but there’s just something special about being a boy mom. Here’s the first 5 reasons on my list.

Mom To Boy: 10 Things I Want My Son To Know

It’s a little cliché and it’s very much sappy, but it’s where I needed to start in my letters to my boy. In this series, Mom to Boy, here are the top 10 things I want my son to know.

Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know

I never dreamed I would become one of those boy moms who laughs at boy stuff and knows boy things and enjoys what it means to truly be a #boymom.