Back to School with Box Tops for Education {plus printable Box Tops collection sheet}

How did your first day of Back to School go?

Back to School (and Sports) Physicals

Time for back to school and one thing on our list is a physical. Whether you need a back to school or sports physical, Walgreens Healthcare Clinic can help!

Headed to Kindergarten

My boy is heading to Kindergarten this year and I’m not planning to miss anything. I’m sharing how I am giving back to the school with Tyson’s Project A+.

Back to School Quick and Easy Meals

It seems that Summer has just begun, but it’s already halfway over! It’s time to start thinking about Back to School and the hectic time of year when quick and easy meals are a must-have. This post about Back to School Quick and Easy Meals is a partnership with Collective Bias and Tyson; however, I have […]

Let them SCREAM at school with Gutzy Gear!!

  Back to School with Gutzy Gear Let them SCREAM (their personality) with Gutzy Gear!! Whether you have a Diva, a Drama Queen, or a Wallflower child in your house, they all need to show personality at times. School uniforms are almost everywhere now so you have to find creative and appropriate ways to let […]

Tools for Back to School with Boys and Girls Club of America

When I was a caseworker with Child Protective Services I was often assigned the task of finding resources for kids and families. One of my favorite resources in the community was always the Boys and Girls Club. I didn’t know about the Club when I was young, but the more I learned the more it […]

Back to School & Rainy Day Crafts with Colortime Crafts And Markers™

Whether you are getting ready for Back to School or looking for a Rainy Day crafts for your children, Colortime Craft and Markers has what you are looking for! Colortime Crafts And Markers™ Recently I showed you how Colortime Crafts bring Easy and Fun Crafts to your home and let me tell you just a […]

Back to School Tips {Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies}

My boy is not quite ready for Back to School, but we are definitely taking notes right now from all the expert moms out there! Although he would love to be heading to Kindergarten this year, he is just as excited to see some of his friends starting Pre-K and Kindergarten. He is also excited […]

End of Summer Dream Bash {Outdoor Living}

Even though our boy is not quite old enough for school (thank goodness!) we are always aware when time for Back to School comes around. Since we moved into our rental house almost two years ago, one of the things I have wanted to do is start hosting more parties. We have a really boring […]

School Supplies for Two Special People

When it comes to school supplies, I'm a big nerd and I love buying them. Even before I had a child, I was always in the school supply aisle grabbing up paper, pens, and notebooks to use around the house. The prices are just so great this time of year! I was shopping with The […]