Anyone who says they will sleep like a baby, doesn’t have one yet!

My sister just hit her third trimester this week and we are all talking baby talk right about now. My son is really getting interested in his new cousin and he is talking to my sister’s tummy and asking when she is coming. He has hit a bit of a baby streak at home and […]

The Big Announcement {Wordless Wednesday}

I have a BIG Announcement – I'm going to be an aunt again!! (my other neice and nephew are in high school so this is huge and I am so excited!!) Questions, anyone?!! 🙂

The Period of PURPLE

Due to my day job, I am always hearing about the frustrations parents go through to raise their families when they haven’t been given the proper support and education. Traumatic Head Injury (formerly Shaken Baby Syndrome) is much too common. I have to admit, my son was one of the easiest babies (and is truly […]