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Depression Check-Up: Seeing Improvement Every Day

Wow – what a difference a few weeks can make when you’re dealing with depression and anxiety and trying to recover. I’m seeing improvement every day!

Depression Check-up

This week was a challenge on my depression and anxiety, but in therapy, I’m learning to HALT for PIES.

Sharp Tongue in Marriage

We are constantly working on our marriage and my #1 is to work on my sharp tongue.

Anxiety Ridden

Life is really good right now, but I continue to find myself anxiety ridden.

Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Situations

Today at work I had a conference with my boss, which happens about every other month, so I was really nervous and scared. I don't know why I do that to myself every time. He comes in and we chat for an hour and he tells me I'm doing a good job and he appreciates […]