What If I’m Sore from Working Out Every Day for the Rest of my Life?

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve been working out in #BeastMode for a few months. I workout every weekday (and the occasional Saturday) for at least an hour every time. I also recently started working with a personal trainer and have had three sessions so far. Since I’m doing so many different types of exercise, I am sore from working out almost every day. Last night, I had a weak moment and I was almost in tears asking my husband, “what if I’m sore every day for the rest of my life?”.

As you all know, I have a very supportive and loving husband so his response was a caring one, “what if you get stronger and more used to it and you’re no longer sore from working out?”. Gosh, I love that man. He and Benjamin push me to go work out on the days when I’m just not feeling it and they tolerate my whining when I’m really sore and all I can do is just lay around.

I mentioned this to my personal trainer this morning during our session and she encouraged me to keep pushing and told me that she loves it when she’s working on something new and it makes her sore from working out. I don’t know that I can say I “love” it yet, but I guess I can say that I feel a sense of accomplishment from the soreness because that means that I pushed myself a little further than my comfort zone and I’m achieving my goals.

Speaking of goals, let me tell you a few “milestones” I’ve met recently that encourage me to be proud of myself and keep pushing.

  • I’ve jumped up on a box…yes, folks, I jumped! Even when I was young, I could never jump high or far, but this box (actually a step) was two rings up and I jumped on it…several times!
  • I’ve planked…for the first time last Thursday, one of the instructors told us to plank and I didn’t try any modifications. I just did the plank…and I’ve done a few more since then! I even planked with my feet up on an exercise ball last night. I’m not able to stay up too long yet, but I’m trying. I think I made it about 20-25 seconds this week at Fit Circuit class!
  • I’m about to need the next size down in jeans! I’m currently wearing a size 20, but they are loose and starting to sag in the butt so it’s time to start the search for size 18!
  • I picked up a 30lb slosh bar and raised it above my head and walked around a room. This was not easy and I thought I would drop it a few times, but I had the support of two instructors and I did it!

All in all, I guess I can say that being sore from working out is really not so bad. I know that my family gets tired of hearing about it, but until I reach my weight loss goal, I’m going to continue to push and push and beat those milestones every week. The soreness will just have to continue, but it won’t be every day for the rest of my life…I hope.

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