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Take a Coke Break and Share It Forward {with free printables}

This Share it Forward post, featuring free take a coke break coworker printables, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias

When you want to honor your coworkers and show them how much you care, use these take a coke break printables and share a Diet Coke and encourage them to Share it Forward as well.

Take a Coke Break #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

I work in Child Protection in Texas and I have some of the best coworkers. I work with several groups of investigators who are out in the field every day working their hearts out to protect children from abuse and neglect. They have a passion for children that is so great that I don’t know how they do it each day. While I’m not in the field anymore, I remember what it was like to have a long day of working with parents and children and the feelings of frustration and accountability and the desire to help all the children in my area, while you may only be able to protect one child per day.

Sometimes you just have to take a break from the chaos and enjoy a laugh with your coworkers to break up the sadness and feelings of helplessness. That’s why I decided to do something special for my coworkers this week and Share it Forward with a case of Diet Coke and some fun signs to bring a glimmer of laughter into my office. There’s just nothing better than an ice cold Diet Coke on a warm Spring or Summer day of saving children.

32 pack Coca Cola at Sams Club #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

There are about 20 people in my current office and many more in the other offices that I work with so I knew I was going to need a lot of Diet Coke. I picked up a 32-pack of Diet Coke during a recent trip to Sam’s Club and the price ($10.24) was perfect for my little plan. The cans featured nicknames like Sweetie, BFF, and VIP, as well as Mom, Dad, and Better Half. They are fun to go through and pick out your favorite to share with someone special.

Can I Cokes you into a Break? printable tag #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

Take a Break before you Pop off! #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

I put together these cute little signs to put on a few of them and a sign for the table so everyone would know they could grab a Diet Coke or two. Howard and I have an ongoing argument about what a soda is really called. In Texas, everything is a “Coke” whether you’re talking about Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero. Howard is from the North so everything is a “Pop” to him. My signs used both names and say “Can I Cokes you into a Break?” and “Take a Break before you Pop off!”.

Take a Coke Break at work #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

I took them all to work with me and set them up in the break room so everyone could see them as they come into work on a Monday morning. I wanted to start the week off with laughter and a little companionship. So many times, we just dive into Monday and forget to enjoy our coworkers and company around us. My coworkers found the drinks right away and by mid-afternoon, they were enjoying them and laughing, just as I had hoped.

Take a Coke Break #ShareItForward #CollectiveBias #ad

If you have a group of people in your life who could take a coke break and Share it Forward, take advantage of these free printables and make a few of your own. Also, check out this site for more Share it Forward ideas. I would love to know which one is your favorite!

Take a Coke Break pdf

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Do you have coworkers who could use a laugh and an ice cold Diet Coke?


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    This is such a special way to say thank you to some hard working coworkers! #client
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