Post-Disney Letdown Syndrome

Disney vacation

I’ve been sitting at this screen for days and days and just wondering when the next blog post was going to come out.

I mean, before we left for Disney, I had four days of the week packed with series about being a boy mom and about my depression.

Where has all that motivation gone and why has it been so long since I wrote a post?

It’s all because of an apparent well-known problem (that nobody talks about) and that I’m choosing to call Post-Disney Letdown Syndrome.

I’m serious, y’all, it’s a real thing!

I was talking on my Facebook page about my lack of motivation and the writer’s block I’ve had since coming back and a couple of my friends (one of whom has also just returned from Disney) pointed out to me that the month following a Disney trip pretty much sucks.

As in, royally sucks.

I decided to tell Howard about this theory and he agreed. He said that for him, going back to work was the hardest. He said he could just remember the awesomeness that was Disney and the non-awesomeness that is his job and things just appear to suck even worse.

For me, it’s all about coming home to a messy house again and not having the energy to clean.

So, yeah, I didn’t have the energy to clean prior to Disney either, but while at Disney, we walked and walked and one day we even walked 14 miles! Why can’t I find the energy that I found while we were there to get that load of laundry done that I’ve been working on for two days?!

I have decided that there is a giant bubble over Disney where they pump in clean oxygen and use a filter to keep out the bad air. The water comes from a giant Brita filter. The food has energy nutrients in it. And they send you subliminal happy messages in your rooms while you sleep.

I mean, while we were at Disney, I had energy and I was happy. I didn’t struggle with depression and anxiety. I still took my medicines and I had a lot of foot pain from my (self-diagnosed) plantar fascitis, but I managed. We managed.

We had the time of our lives there!

I have so much to tell you about our trip and I have a Tips for Your Disney Vacation post planned, but the motivation just hasn’t come yet. I have photos to share and experiences to tell you about. We haven’t stopped talking about Disney since we returned!

meeting Pluto

Benjamin decided that he wants to live at Disney World and Howard decided that he would even be willing to work there and live there as well, but I refuse to even think about it because bills and real life do not mix well with Disney.

I can’t even go there in my head.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Starting next week I will start back up on my series posts and I will get that Disney post together for you all. I will start taking more pictures to inspire me to write more and I will make myself write more. I will watch to see what you all are reading and I will write more of that. I will write for myself and for you all as well.

I will break through this writer’s block and I will plan ahead for next time because yes, there will be a next time…we’re already working on planning it!

Have you experienced this Post-Disney Letdown Syndrome or something similar? How did you break through and get motivated again?

Help a sista’ out, y’all!


  1. Gena says:

    Preach it, girl. You are spot on!! Why is it that we have so much energy at Disney??? Even when the toddler kept waking up on the last few nights, I was like Super Woman! But, I truly believe I’m still resting up, and quite possibly am still sick because of Disney. Sigh. And the consideration to live and work there…..guilty! Maybe H could get a job as a chef there??? 🙂 🙂
    Gena recently posted..How To Survive (and Thoroughly Enjoy!) Walt Disney World with an Active Toddler : Part OneMy Profile

  2. I think it’s just post vacation anywhere syndrome. Having said that, I imagine that it must be worse when it deals with Disney than anywhere else.
    Rafael Marquez recently posted..10 seconds after she walks away from the car.My Profile

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