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All About My Emotions Booklet Inspired by Inside Out {free printable}

How do you help your child deal with his or her emotions? Try this All About My Emotions booklet inspired by Inside Out.

Protein Packed Meals for the Man in the Kitchen from STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen

For the “man in the kitchen”, here are a few ideas for a protein packed meals from STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen.

How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Tips for when you talk about depression with your family…and my story.

What It’s like to Be “Just Okay” with Depression

Sometimes “just okay” with depression is all you can be. What does that look like? Can you help a friend who is just okay?

Enjoying Summer Without Heartburn {plus Meat & Cheese Manicotti recipe}

How would you enjoy summer without heartburn? I’ll show you how and share a meat & cheese manicotti recipe.

Boredom and Depression

How do you deal with boredom and depression?

DIY Finger Paint and Other Uses for Huggies Wipes

All the colors of the rainbow can make for a fun and creative activity, but these DIY finger paints can get messy. Make it easy to clean up with Huggies wipes and learn all the many uses for these wipes.

Take a Coke Break and Share It Forward {with free printables}

If you have a group of people in your life who could take a coke break and Share it Forward, take advantage of these free printables and make a few of your own.

Where to Stay on Vacation or Business Travel with IHG Rewards Club

Whether you are traveling for vacation or business, check out the hotels with IHG Rewards for the best service and a good night’s sleep.

Help for Common Childhood Worries with GoZen!

Teach your child about how to control their common childhood worries with GoZen!