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DIY Photo Box Tutorial with Mod Podge

If all of your photos are trapped in your phone like mine and you need a way to display them or give them as a gift, this Mod Podge Photo Box is just what you need. Print the photos wirelessly from your phone and create a unique and personalized gift!

Day 18 – Thankful for My Family Man {wordless wednesday}

My man is such a family man.

Day 17 – Thankful for Boy Scouts

We are so thankful for Boy Scouts and what it is teaching our boy!

Day 16 – Thankful for Family Time on Sundays

Today, I’m thankful for family time on Sundays.

Thanksgiving Printable Activities {word search, crossword puzzle, matching game}

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so, of course, I made you some free Thanksgiving Printable Activities, including a word search, crossword puzzle, and a matching game!

Days 13-15: Thankful for a Family Fun Weekend on a Budget

I’m so thankful for my little family. Let me tell you what all we did this weekend and how we have fun!

Day 12 – Why I Blog

Today I’m talking about why I blog and what I’m thankful that blogging has brought for me.

Day 11 – Thankful for the Veterans in my Life

It seems only fitting, whether cliche or not, that on this day, Veteran’s Day, that I write my #CrazyThankful post about how much I am thankful for the veterans in my life.

Days 6-10: So Much to be Thankful For

I’ve been sick, y’all! Now I’m catching up because I have so much to be thankful for!

Intimate Family Dinner during the Holidays {Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding recipe}

I’m going to show you how to have an intimate family dinner during the holidays and share my husband’s chocolate banana bread pudding recipe for your enjoyment.