Nestle GFGL Pitch Ideas

What an exciting opportunity to work with some amazing products!

I’ve listed my ideas for all of the rounds below:

For 1a – We would make a banana and BUTTERFINGER® Bits bread pudding for after dinner of lasagna and a “house salad”. We would create an intimate Thanksgiving at home for our little family of three. Benjamin and I would make some Thanksgiving crafts to give to the family on Thanksgiving Day.

For 1b – We would have neighbors over for an intimate party with the above dinner and crafts for us all to enjoy each other’s company before we all have to spread apart for our family Thanksgiving. We would call it Friendsgiving!

For 2a – We would use the chicken and prosciutto BUITONI® tortellini and make a homemade carbonara sauce. We would make the same bread pudding as above and an intimate Thanksgiving as listed above.

For 2b – One area of the application says tortellini and BUTTERFINGER® Bits and another area says Pumpkin ice cream. We would either make the tortellini and sauce with bread pudding from above OR if it’s actually the ice cream, we would make an ice cream bar with different mix-ins for the pumpkin ice cream.

For 3a – We would make pumpkin bread pudding with the required ingredients and then include a printable to wrap up the pudding and give to others on Thanksgiving day.

For 3b – We would cut the pizza into bite-sized portions and serve with a warm cheese pizza dip from scratch.

For 4a – We would make a Fudge Bark by making the fudge and then melting the chocolate over it and decorating with festive sprinkles and letting it cool. We would then cut them up and make gifts with a fun printable to give to classmates at Benjamin’s school.

For 4b – We would make a bark decorating table with all the fix’ins for a great bark as described above. Then, each person would take home a packaged bark with a printable tag.

For 4c – We would make the lasagna for an intimate family dinner and then make Monster Cookies with the cookie dough. We would create different flavors of the monster cookies by using different add-ins before baking. We would also use Christmas cookie cutters before stuffing them with icing.

For 5a – We would make the tortellini with homemade carbonara sauce from above and the Monster Cookies from above.

For 5b – See 3b

For 6a – I would create a coffee bar for my coworkers with different mix-ins like the NESTLÉ ABUELITA 6 tab, different creamers and sweeteners, and personalized mugs (possibly a tutorial for Sharpie mugs)

For 6b – I would create an ice cream bar for my son and his friends at an end of the semester party with a fun holiday-centered tablescape.