Memory Maker Package at Disney World

 As I mentioned in my Day One post, there are several add-ons that you can buy to make your Disney Vacation more memorable. One of our favorites was the Memory Maker package. Of course, you are going to be taking a camera and/or your phone to take photos throughout your time at Disney World, but this just gives you a few more memories to save for when you get home. Basically, anytime you see a professional photographer taking photos of people throughout the parks, especially when you meet the characters, or when you get your photo taken on a ride, you get those photos for free on your memory maker. They will take your photo, scan your magic band, and all those photos are saved for you online for a period of time so you can download and print them. The photo of our little family, the ones of us on the Buzz Lightyear ride, and the photos of Benjamin and Pluto below are from our memory maker file, while all the others are from one of our cameras or phones. We ended up with 20 photos in all in our memory maker, but we could have had many, many more if Benjamin liked to have his photo taken more often (he gets tired of it after a while). You’ll see more of our memory maker photos as I go through days 3-5 and you can really see how it is worth the extra money up front.

Now, for Day Two of our Disney Vacation:

Magic Kingdom family photo

We started Day Two off at Magic Kingdom and I think this was our most fun day of all. I wish we had spent more time there and/or gone back another day because as much as we were there and as much as we did, we still didn’t see even half of the Kingdom. This is a memory maker photo above and they added the little Tinkerbell on for us. Benjamin was shocked when he saw it and I asked him if he didn’t SEE Tinkerbell when we were there. He looked at me funny, and then sad, and said “no, I didn’t”. I told him I high-fived her with my pinky finger and he said he wished he could have also. Such a sweet and innocent boy…

Spring parade at Disney World

Just inside the gates, we saw the line for visiting Pluto so we jumped in line as well. As we were standing there, this little Spring parade came by and parked right next to us and sang a song about Spring coming and the flowers blooming. It was so much fun and made us feel like we were IN a Disney movie!

meeting Pluto at Magic Kingdom

THIS right here makes the memory maker worth it all to me. We got so many photos of Benjamin meeting Pluto and them bonding so quickly. It still brings tears to my eyes to see how excited my boy was to get Pluto’s autograph and to give him a hug. All of these photos are from the memory maker. They caught so many amazing shots!

Benjamin and Pluto at Magic Kingdom

Best buds, these two. This is what I caught with my phone while the memory maker photographer was still taking even more shots.

Tomorrowland at Disney World

After meeting Pluto, we decided to head over to Tomorrowland to catch the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Laugh Floor.

Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World

We were all so serious about shooting Zurg! And I totally got the most point on this ride!

Zurg at Disney World

Benjamin zapped the fewest Zurg targets so he ended up in Zurg’s jail cell with him.

Laugh Floor at Disney World

After Buzz Lightyear, we headed over to the Laugh Floor where we ended up sitting behind “that guy”. You know, the one that they make fun of throughout the entire show. Benjamin was giggling so hard at “that guy” and we loved the show!

Simba face paint at Disney World

Then, Benjamin had to take a break and find his wild side by getting his face painted like Simba from Lion King.

Adventureland at Disney World

After Tomorrowland, we headed across the park to Adventureland and rode the Pirates of the Carribean and Benjamin got his pirate’s sword. Once he had that, he was ready to head back to the hotel to rest and take a swim. We tried to tell him that there was so much more to see and do, but he was tired and cranky and we had already done so much walking. We picked him up a set of light-up Mickey ears and headed back to the hotel, only to find this…

swimsuit boy made by housekeeping at Disney World

Housekeeping at the hotel had left us a little surprise. Benjamin loved it!

bubble gun from Disney World

After a swim and a rest, we all got dressed again and ready for dinner. Benjamin wanted a photo with his new bubble gun inspired by the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Mommy and Benjamin at Disney World

We made our way back through the Magic Kingdom on our way to dinner and Howard took this photo by some of the greenery.

We had such a magical day and had big plans for the next day. I can’t wait to tell you all about Epcot and my princess breakfast!

Would you get the memory maker package for your Disney Vacation?


  1. I love Disneyworld! I could spend all day at Epcot center. Great name for your son, it’s also my husband’s name 😉

  2. That looks like an amazing experience. I can’t wait to take my daughter to Disney.

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