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While I have not personally tried home insemination, it is an option that Howard and I are considering. My sister used home insemination for her daughter and it worked great. I think we’ll be trying it as our next option in our TTC journey.

Our little family wants to grow. We're considering home insemination with The Stork OTC #TheStorkOTC [ad]

I love our little family. We get along well and we have a great time together. Our favorite things involve all three of us together for fun time. But, deep in my heart of hearts, I have always wanted a bigger family. I’ve written before about my dream to have a little girl to add to our family, but honestly, I would be happy with another boy as well. Howard is on board with this idea of a little bit bigger family – and we haven’t been successful on our own – so now we’re considering home insemination.

Howard and I have tried traditional forms of TTC that don’t include doctors and hospitals. We’ve tracked my periods and my ovulation and we’ve tried being intimate during different times of the month, but we just haven’t been successful. My younger sister used home insemination to get pregnant with her daughter and things went great for her. She was pregnant on her first try and had a healthy pregnancy and baby. So, The Stork OTC is definitely on our radar.

The Stork OTC for home insemination #TheStorkOTC [ad]

The Stork OTC is an innovative, home-use device that helps with becoming pregnant. This is a great option for LGBT couples (like my sister) and for couples who are having trouble with TTC and are interested in at-home insemination. The Stork OTC could change the way couples approach challenges becoming pregnant because it offers a relaxed and private way of conceiving in your own home. Using new technology based on cervical cap insemination, The Stork OTC is the only conception assistance device cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sales to consumers, without a prescription. Cervical cap insemination’s documented success rate is around 10-20% similar to the success rate for IUI.

The Stork OTC is FDA-cleared and available at local pharmacies and online. Use the code 10STORKOTC to receive $10 off a single-use kit at the online store.

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