Be A Hero, Help A Hero on Veteran’s Day {Wordless Wednesday}

Be A Hero Help A Hero at SportClips

Benjamin’s tribute to Veteran’s Day {Wordless Wednesday}

Halloween at Norwood Heights Baptist Church {Wordless Wednesday}

Benjamin had a great time on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bouncy house during Halloween at Norwood Heights Baptist Church in Palestine, TX

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Edition

My Boy Loves Kindergarten {Wordless Wednesday}

making my boy smile at Kindergarten by eating lunch with him at the cookout

My boy is loving Kindergarten!

Late Night, Date Night with Mommy {Wordless Wednesday}

date night with mommy at Denny's

When Daddy is working, my boy and I have a special date night. {Wordless Wednesday}

Phone Photos from The Boy – Wordless Wednesday

view of his feet from the boy

The boy likes to take pics with my camera phone, so this Wordless Wednesday is featuring the world from his lens!

Wordless Wednesday – My Boy and His Babies

my boy and his baby cousin

An {almost} Wordless Wednesday post about my boy and his love of babies.

It’s time for some #SoFabCon pics {not-so} Wordless Wednesday

#SoFabCon collage

I know, I know, I’m late on getting my SoFabCon pictures up, but give a girl a break! I’ve been down with ANOTHER staph infection (actually 4 of them right now) but I’m on the mend. And besides, you all know me, I can’t do anything in a timely fashion. I’m just crazy like that! […]

Sisterpalooza Memories {Wordless Wednesday}

Sisterpalooza 2010

I don't know if it is because I just saw my sisters for my boy's birthday or what, but I'm reminiscing about Sisterpalooza moments and thought I would share a few pics of my sisters and me. If you have a sister nearby, give her a hug or a phone call or just tell her […]

My boy and his Sports {Wordless Wednesday}

Little Dribblers at Palestine YMCA

From Little Dribblers {and picture day} to the Super Bowl, my boy had a great sports-filled weekend! How was your weekend?

I’m a princess in my new hair bow {Wordless Wednesday}

My boy says I'm a princess when I wear a hairbow

My boy LOVES a girl in a hair bow so when he and Daddy went shopping last night, they bought me this. Today, I am a princess in my new hair bow! What do your kids buy for you to make you feel special?!!