Not Just Plus Size, But Morbidly Obese

May I always remember what it felt like to be not just plus size, but morbidly obese, and work hard to never go back there again.

6 Weeks Post Op – Weight Loss Surgery Update

My 6 weeks post-op weight loss surgery update. I’m doing “okay”.

My Weight Loss Surgery Experience

A little about my weight loss surgery experience with the gastric sleeve surgery.

My Fitness Goals for the New Year {plus printable Monthly Workout Tracker}

Now that Christmas has passed, I figured it was time to start setting goals for the new year.

Just a quick weight loss update #FattyFriday

Oops, I skipped a #FattyFriday, so here’s my weight loss update for the week.

How to Gain 7 lbs in 12 Days #FattyFriday

A little change from the normal #FattyFriday post. Today I’m talking about how to gain 7 lbs in 12 days.

7 Reasons to Lose Weight {with free printable} #FattyFriday

My top 7 reasons to lose weight and a free printable to help you (and me) stay motivated.

Energized for Continued Weight Loss #FattyFriday

This week I made some changes so I’m feeling energized to continue with my weight loss goals!

Willpower and Weight Loss…and Finances?

I’m talking about willpower and weight loss and whatever that has to do with finances. I’m exerting MY will this time and I’m going to be successful!

How to Keep the Momentum Going After Weight Loss {Fatty Friday video update}

Now that things are looking up, I have some tips for keeping the momentum going after weight loss. We can do this!