Birthdays, BlissDom, and Bon Jovi

It's my birthday, I want to talk Blissdom and Bon Jovi…so here it is!   I'm Going to BlissDom with Petit Jean Meats!! So, I'm getting ready to head out for BlissDom this week and I'm completely terrified. I'm a fun-loving social butterfly online, but I'm pretty darned shy in person. There are so many […]

Counting my blessings

Yesterday was a rough day. I don’t know why particularly, but it was like a perfect storm of emotions, physical ailments, activities, and mommy just plain going crazy. I ended the day with a post on my personal Facebook page that said this: {I know that “looney bin” is not politically correct, but I was […]

Tornado of Thoughts {need to get it all out}

My Tornado of Thoughts I haven't done one of these Tornado of Thoughts posts in a long time, but I have a ton of stuff running through my head and I can't get the posts up fast enough so I need to just get it all out. Marriage Stuff Hubby and I haven't had "intimate […]

Top 10 Love Songs {to get stuck in your head}

  I have a lot of favorite love songs because I used to be all mushy and touchy-feely (before I got married, had a kid, found out what love was "really" about). One of my favorite CDs of all time, that I could listen to all day long, every day and night, is Madonna's Something […]

Who is Janet and why is she Going Crazy?!

You know how when you go to a meeting or a conference or a training with a bunch of people you don't know and the first thing people want to do is "go around the room and introduce yourself and tell us why you're here"…? I hate that! Truth be known, I hate talking and […]

Super Bowl Party Announcement {Snoopy Sunday!}

When I was young, my family had this old television that didn't have a remote so my dad had to find ways to bribe my sisters and me to change the channel so he didn't have to get up. My older sister and I loved to watch Charlie Brown cartoons and you know how they […]

And then I disappeared for a few days {because that is what I do}

I asked you if you would come back and talk to me about your life… …And then I disappeared… It's Monday now and I'm looking at email and blog stats and reading other blogs and realizing that I haven't posted since Friday. It's funny, really, because on Friday I was all mushy and talking about […]

If I blog it, they will come…won’t they?

Blogging is fun. Blogging is work. Blogging is cathartic. Blogging is stressful. Blogging is easy. Blogging is hard. Why is blogging such a joy and such a challenge at the same time? For me, blogging was supposed to be a hobby, a part-time fun thing to do when Hubby wanted to watch some crazy show […]

Five Crazy Thoughts on Election Day {I Voted!!}

Five Crazy Thoughts on Election Day I voted this morning and that always causes me to feel a little crazy. I thought this morning would be a Transformation Tuesday post (stay tuned, it's coming) but I had to share my crazy thoughts about Election Day first! Even though I live in a small town (that […]

9/11 and my story #911remembered

I don't like to talk about where I was on 9/11, but I might as well get it out. I slept in that day. I was late to work because I was tired and I ignored my alarm clock. I didn't have a reason for sleeping in, I just did. I was lazy and I […]