The Mysteries of the Magical Horse

   The Mysteries of the Magical Horse by P.J. Flynn Title – The Mysteries of the Magical Horse Author – P J Flynn Format – Paperback or e-copy ISBN – 0-9547587-0-6 – Paperback ISBN – 978-1301735686 – e-book Genre – Children’s fiction – ages 7 – 12 Book Blurb: Vicky was an ordinary teenager, helping […]

Dinosaurs and Airplanes

My boy is in love with dinosaurs and airplanes and this new Switch & Go Dinos, SkySlicer the Allosaurus, is the perfect toy for his new love!

How to Perfectly Pack from Leftovers to Lunch

From leftovers to lunch, you want your food to be perfectly packed so I’m going to show you how I do it with this LunchBlox Kids Flat Kit that I received for review. (btw, you know that when I receive things in exchange for a review that my opinion is my own, right?) Last week, Howard […]

The Perfect Boy Crafts

I’m pretty sure that I found the perfect boy crafts.

How I Made My Niece Smile This Week

Here is how I made my niece smile this week with the TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing!

Bedtime Story iBook – AliceWinks

There’s just nothing better than reading a bedtime story with my boy. He and I love to read. Our most recent discovery, thanks to receiving a copy of this iBook from TapInfluence in exchange for a review, is AliceWinks, the newest version of Alice in Wonderland. In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The 150th Anniversary Animated […]

Rainy Day Activity: BENDASTIX Crafts for Kids

This past weekend was a rainy weekend and my boy needed something to do. We decided that we would stretch our imaginations with the BENDASTIX Big Box that I received in exchange for a review and had a great time with our Rainy Day Activity. P.S. There’s a giveaway at the end of this post! We […]

My boy loves Disney Music {gift cards for the music lover}

My boy has always had music in his soul. He will dance to any type of music, but you know the Disney shows have some of the greatest music! This morning we were watching a new Phineas and Ferb Top 10 songs and I was quite amused at how many of the songs I could […]

Anyone who says they will sleep like a baby, doesn’t have one yet!

My sister just hit her third trimester this week and we are all talking baby talk right about now. My son is really getting interested in his new cousin and he is talking to my sister’s tummy and asking when she is coming. He has hit a bit of a baby streak at home and […]

A Story of Parental Loss – Isabella and Penelope {book blast}

Isabella and Penelope by Maggie Grinnell A Story of Parental Loss Isabella is a young girl who loses her father in a tragic accident. She has such a close connection with her dad that she decided not to speak for 2 years. Then she encounters Penelope, a pink caterpillar who changes her life forever. Purchase […]