“Better for You” Gingerbread House

What’s more fun during the holidays than building a gingerbread house? Check out our “better for you” options for decorating!

DIY Photo Box Tutorial with Mod Podge

If all of your photos are trapped in your phone like mine and you need a way to display them or give them as a gift, this Mod Podge Photo Box is just what you need. Print the photos wirelessly from your phone and create a unique and personalized gift!

Thanksgiving Printable Activities {word search, crossword puzzle, matching game}

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so, of course, I made you some free Thanksgiving Printable Activities, including a word search, crossword puzzle, and a matching game!

Veteran’s Day Activities Free Printables {crossword, word search, matching game}

I made these fun printable Veteran’s Day activities for my boy to learn more about veterans and I’m sharing them with you for free!

Halloween Art Print {free printable}

Bring out the cobwebs and the trash bag pumpkins for outside, but use this free printable Halloween Art Print for inside or at the office.

Fall To Do List Art Print {free printable}

I’m really enjoying making free printables these days so I decided to make this Fall To Do List Art Print as a free printable so you can enjoy it as well!

Printable Halloween Activity Sheets {word search and crossword puzzle}

Halloween is right around the corner and Benjamin always loves to have something fun to make or do for every holiday. So, of course I made him some fun printable Halloween Activity Sheets and today I’m sharing them for you to print as well!

Planes Inspired Non-edible Cookie Ornaments Tutorial

Looking for something fun to do on Christmas Day? Why not make these non-edible cookie ornaments and a few other Christmas Day activity ideas.

Halloween Costumes for Couples: The Shopping Guide

A shopping guide for Halloween Costumes for Couples!

Easter Gifts: Dental Hygiene for Kids {Bright Smiles, Bright Futures}

For the past month, my boy's Pre-K class at the YMCA has been studying hygiene and you can bet that my boy had a lot to learn about dental hygiene. I can openly admit that I have not been good about teaching the boy to brush his teeth and I can (embarrassingly) admit that I have not […]