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Depression Update: Brintellix, Abilify, and a Mental Health Website

Quick depression update about my medications, how I’m doing, and I’m a feature on a mental health website!

Anger and Depression

Anger and Depression go hand in hand in my family. Here’s what’s happening with us lately.

Where Do You Find Your Joy and Laughter and Energy and Happiness in General? #depressionsucks

Where do you find your joy?

How to Talk to Your Doctor about Depression

Talking to your doctor about depression can be intimidating, but I have a few tips that should help you along the way.

How to Set up the First Appointment with a Therapist or Psychiatrist

Here are a few simple steps to help you set up an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist.

How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Tips for when you talk about depression with your family…and my story.

Boredom and Depression

How do you deal with boredom and depression?

The Ebb and Flow of Depression – Depression Check-up

I’m feeling the depression again and I’m wondering what can I do to start feeling better again?

Depression Check-Up: Seeing Improvement Every Day

Wow – what a difference a few weeks can make when you’re dealing with depression and anxiety and trying to recover. I’m seeing improvement every day!

Depression Check-up: Learning to HALT for PIES

This week was a challenge on my depression and anxiety, but in therapy, I’m learning to HALT for PIES.