Getting Sick is Expensive!

For the past two weeks, someone in my family has been sick. Granted, that someone has mostly been me, but we have all had our turns in getting ill, going to a doctor's appointment, and then coming out with a list of prescriptions and a large bill to be paid. Getting sick is expensive and my […]

Five ways to save cash on your family vacation

The summer may be drawing to a close but the vacation season is by no means over yet. If you’re in the process of booking a your next family vacation – or you’re already planning next year’s Summer vacation – take note of these handy money-saving tips, sponsored by Gladstone Brookes, a PPI claims company based […]

Labor Day Plans with Scott® Brand Products {Shared Values | Exclusive Savings & Deals with Scott}

I have always loved Labor Day because when I was a kid, we would start school and within a week we had a three day weekend. As an adult, I love Labor Day because in addition to the three day weekend, I can now plan a Labor Day party! With Hubby's new grill, the idea […]

Fun and Easy Ways to Save and Earn {Live on Less}

Although the economy has improved since the “Great Recession,” there are still many people unemployed or making less money than they did before. Luckily, there are easy ways to save money and make it easier to live on less. Saving money If you have a lot of credit card debt, you should research the best […]

Save Now to Save Later with @MissionTuition

Earlier this week, I posted about saving money on college textbooks and I was talking to Hubby about how I wanted to start a savings account for our boy’s college. I’m definitely in favor of encouraging him to go to college, but I am terrified that we will not be able to help pay for it.

Save money on Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals!!

When I started college, my parents didn’t have the money to help much so I was left with options of financial aid, working full time, and finding ways to save money where I could. Mostly, financial aid would cover the cost of classes, but there were times when buying all of the books that were […]

Save Your Coins to Boost your PayPal!! #PayPalCoinstar #cbias

I have become very familiar with PayPal since becoming a blogger and my PayPal account has become invaluable. Before blogging, I used PayPal a few times to buy things online, but never in the way that I use it now. With my PayPal account, I can pay fees, buy blogging tools, enter those awesome cash […]

We want to avoid bankruptcy, but how?

You've seen me talk about wanting another child and we've been trying for over a year, but along with that expansion of our family, we have also been considering buying a house. We have lived in apartments and are currently living in a rental house, but what we really want is a home of our […]

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge – Week Five

 This is the last update for the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge series and I'm a little sad, but excited to tell you about our progress!!

Save for college while you shop with Mission Tuition!!

Hubby asked me this week what would I do if we won the $91 million lottery. Besides the normal “buy a house, pay off bills”, I also told him that I wanted to start a savings account for our boy’s college. I’m definitely in favor of encouraging him to go to college, but I am terrified […]