Parenting an Active Child and Remaining Comfortable this Fall

I’ll give you tips on how parenting an active child and remaining comfortable are simple and quick and will make an impact on your life for years to come.

Day 29 – Thankful for Caring Teachers

Today, I’m thankful for caring teachers who help my boy every day.

Day 28 – Thankful for My Boys

I am thankful for my boys and the joy they bring me every single day.

Day 4 – Thankful for My Son #CrazyThankful

I always wanted to be a mom, but I never knew how much I would love being a Boy Mom until I met my son and fell instantly in love. He pushes every one of my buttons, but every day I’m thankful for my son.

Creative Consequences for Bad Behaviors

Benjamin is a good kid, but lately we’ve seen a shift in behaviors. Today, I decided to share a few creative consequences for bad behaviors with you to help if you’re in this predicament as well.

Pack the Perfect Lunch & Lunch Notes for Boys {free printable}

Benjamin’s had a rough start to this school year so we’ve been changing things up around the house, including packing the perfect lunch and including lunch notes for boys in his lunch every day. I’m sharing them with you today with these free printables!

Making the Transition from Family Bed to His Own Bed

My boy is currently making the transition from our family bed to his own bed and it’s been quite a journey. I have a few stories, a few tips, some awesome bedding to show you…and a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!

Way to Goal! Soccer Snack Bags {plus free printable labels}

Be the best Team Mom (or…Team Hero!) with these super fun Soccer Snack Bags!

All About My Emotions Booklet Inspired by Inside Out {free printable}

How do you help your child deal with his or her emotions? Try this All About My Emotions booklet inspired by Inside Out.

DIY Finger Paint

All the colors of the rainbow can make for a fun and creative activity, but these DIY finger paints can get messy. Make it easy to clean up with Huggies wipes and learn all the many uses for these wipes.