5 Ways to Keep Your Boy Bathroom Clean

My bathroom gets cleaned once a week, but always has a smell!

When I was growing up, we had three girls, my mom, and my dad. My mom was a clean freak and our house was almost always spotless. One of my favorite chores to do on the weekends was to clean the bathroom. I’m not sure if I liked it because I could be alone for an hour and really get into the cleaning…or if it was because I got paid $1 (the highest of all chores) to clean it. Either way, I would volunteer to do it every weekend and my sisters never complained that they didn’t get a turn.

Now that I’m an adult and I live with 2 males and 3 dogs, cleaning the bathroom is no longer exciting for me. In fact, I pretty much despise it. I mean, the boys cannot aim worth a flip and do you think they care if there is water or a towel left on the floor to get trampled by the dogs? Nope.

Keep in mind that I’m no super clean housekeeper and in fact my messy house has been featured on this blog more than a few times. That doesn’t mean that I like having a messy house or that I don’t want to have the energy and time to clean. That just means that I’m human (a depressed human, at times) and I fall behind.

Having said all of this, I do have some tips on ways to keep your boy bathroom clean that hopefully will help you in the long run and maybe even motivate me to do some Spring cleaning this weekend:

P.S. This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and buy something from Amazon, I get Amazon credit as payment. I promise to buy things for my boy, so at least it’s going to a good cause.

1. Rugs are your friend most of the time – Having a few sets of bathroom rugs can really help you with clean-up when it comes to the floors of your bathroom. There is a reason they make bathroom rug sets in sets of three. There is one to catch the after shower water, one to catch the water from the sink, and one to catch the (ahem) missed targets from your boys. The key to success with bathroom rugs; however, is washing them often. You might find that the more boys you have, the more often you will need to wash the rugs. This is why I mentioned having a few sets of rugs so you can throw them in the laundry basket and still have clean rugs down until the next laundry day.

2. Help them aim better – If you’re experiencing that boy bathroom smell, you probably have a bad aimer. Now if your bad aimer is your husband (like mine) then I’m not sure what to tell you (besides get a new set of rugs for every day of the week) but if your bad aimers are your children, teach them how to aim better. You might consider having them clean the bathroom every other day until that aim magically gets better on its own. If your bad aimer is only a bad aimer at night, check out this potty night light that highlights the target at night when things are harder to see.

3. Handle toothbrushes with care – Besides the floor, there are other surfaces in your bathroom that need attention almost daily. You’ll want to have a good toothbrush and toothpaste holder on your bathroom sink to keep your toothbrush from getting all the nasty germs from the sink. Make sure your boys know to rinse their toothbrushes thoroughly after brushing so there’s no buildup on the toothbrush holder or in the bottom of it – yuck!

4. Good cleaners go a long way – Don’t skimp on the cleaners that you use in your bathroom as a good cleaner can often last all week long and you’ll only have to clean on “bathroom day” in your weekly schedule. Consider investing in one of the shower sprayers that you hit on your way out of the shower in the morning or use a homemade cleaner that is proven to eliminate odors and keep things sparkly.

5. Consider flushable wipes for more than they’re intended – Flushable wipes can really be your best friend when you’re dealing with a boy bathroom, bad aimers, little messes throughout the week, and keeping your bathroom smelling nice. Pick up a long reach wipe wand to help you clean up day to day and use the flushable wipes so your trash doesn’t fill up with cleaning wipes (for the dogs to grab and tear up all over the house…or is that just my house?).

Having a boy bathroom to clean is really no fun, but if you take it step by step and keep it clean on a daily or weekly basis, you won’t have to be consumed with the bathroom on “bathroom day”. You might even have time to enjoy a bubble bath after you finish.

How do you keep your boy bathroom clean?


  1. Rugs are a great way to keep icky bathroom floors clean, and since you can just pick them up and throw them in the washer, they make the whole process easier. And a great, big yes to flushable wipes. They are lifesavers, but you have to remember that some flushable wipes can clog up your septic system, so be careful!
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  2. katrina g says:

    I can’t stand cleaning the bathroom. I have my husband do it lol

  3. Wonderful tips! I love the idea of using the flushable wipes for easy cean up!

  4. Hi Janet – loved your post – these are some great ideas and tips – plus you’ve made it easy to see and buy quickly through your links!

  5. As much as I hate having to do it, a little spot cleaning every day makes a big difference!
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  6. These are wonderful tips for when one is trying to keep a boy’s bathroom clean! I find that rugs are miracle workers when helping to keep the floors clean.

  7. Debra says:

    These are all fabulous suggestions! Great list!
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  8. No boys in this house–even my cat is female (spade-but female all the same). My biggest problem is her trying to clean her own litter box if I don’t get to it fast enough–I am forever sweeping that floor with her looking on SMILING as if to say–If you would clean it when you are supposed to this would not be happening to you right now!
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  9. Oh my rhis makes me shudder thinking about it. Bless you! These are all good tips I need one if those flushable wipe things for cleaning up my dogs muddy foot prints!!
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