The Best Snacks for Soccer Games

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The best snacks for soccer games, whether before, during, or after, should be nutritious, delicious, and easy to eat. Mott’s Snack & Go applesauce provides all of this and so much more! Plus, I’ve added a list of other ways these pouches can be used to make life easier.

The Best Soccer Snacks #Motts #sponsored

Ever since Benjamin was old enough to play sports through the YMCA, he has been enrolled in every sport they offer. We’ve played basketball, t-ball, and soccer, but his favorite, by far, is soccer! While I never really thought I should be Team Mom (I’m too unorganized), I do pride myself on providing a best snacks after the games.

Thundercatz soccer team

This year, Benjamin has been on the most fun team we have ever joined – the Thundercatz – and these boys practice hard and play even harder. Benjamin has been assigned to goalie recently and he’s been training hard to learn to defend his goal. He’s saved a few really good shots, but he still has a long way to go. One of the ways we, as parents, can encourage these boys to keep working hard is to provide quality snacks to them before, during, and after their soccer practices and games.

Mott's Snack & Go - Perfect Snacks for Soccer games #Motts #sponsored

Recently, we came across these Mott’s Snack & Go applesauce packs and thought they were the coolest thing. They pack in delicious and nutritious and the boys can slam them down before the game, during halftime, or after the game when they’re starving! The parents love them because of the nutrition and the boys love them for the ease of eating and the delicious flavors.

Mott's Snack & Go flavors #Motts #sponsored

Mott’s Snack & Go comes in Original, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Natural flavors to appease all different appetites. All of them are an excellent source of Vitamin C and the Strawberry and Natural flavors have no sugar added!

Here are a few of the best snacks for soccer games that I can suggest (be careful of nut allergies):

  • Fruit snacks
  • Cheese crackers
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Trail mix
  • Popcorn
  • Mini sandwiches with tuna or peanut butter

And…if you want to know how else these Mott’s Snack & Go pouches can make your life easier…

  • After-school snacks
  • Road trip snacks
  • Little League games
  • Purse snacks for little ones (and we all know how often those are needed!)

What snacks do you provide for your soccer team?


  1. The pouches are so great because they can be squeezed as fast or slow as the child’s hunger dictates. I love a good portable snack that can be recapped and saved for later!

  2. Debra says:

    We love applesauce pouches! They are a must in our house!

  3. I love Motts, and their Snack n Go is so perfect when you’re “on the go!” I take it along to the park and swimming, and anywhere my kids will end up starving and needing snack.

  4. These pouches are such a cool snack! I feel like it’s something I would love to have even for me!

  5. Those are some great snack ideas. My daughter starts soccer in late June and we are all excited.

  6. I love these Motts squeezable pouches! They are a great on the go snack! Loved your suggestions, Janet!

  7. No soccer teams or sports teams here–but think that apple sauce is the greatest–perfect for when I am driving and am famished and there is no where to stop until I get to that client–and no food there either!

  8. It sounds like you’re deserving of a trophy at the end of the season also. Snack Mom Extraordinaire. I try to bring along healthy snacks that aren’t full of sugar. And lots of coffee for the parents with me on the sidelines.

  9. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    My boys love those Motts squeezable pouches. Something about the applesauce coming in a pouch that somehow makes it taste better 🙂

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