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Back to School with Box Tops for Education {plus printable Box Tops collection sheet}

It all started last week when we were talking about the first day of school. We went to Meet the Teacher night and we found the classroom and Benjamin has a lovely teacher and even a second teacher who was really nice. As we were walking out to our car, I asked Benjamin if he was going to let me walk him into school on the first day…and he said no! You see, he did this to me in Kindergarten as well. He didn’t want me to walk him in, but I lost it in the parking lot and I had to turn around. I found him in the cafeteria eating breakfast and happy as a lark. I was prepared for first grade and dropped him off with no problem, but today was a new school again and I really wanted to walk him in. I tried to convince him, but he told his daddy that everyone would think he was a baby if I walked him in today…so I held off…and I didn’t even cry. Of course, I’m excited that he’s so independent, but I miss my baby boy and I can’t wait to hear how the first day went!

Kleenex and Viva for Box Tops for Education #ad #BTSLikeABoss

Now that we’re back to school, it’s time for Back to School supplies shopping and especially time to start collecting Box Tops for Education to earn money for your school! I’m going to tell you about a few products that your class (or home) will need and ways to collect those Box Tops like a BOSS!

Viva for Box Tops for Education #ad #BTSLikeABoss

Even if it’s not on your school supplies list, every classroom needs paper towels from time to time. Pick up the best brand, Viva, for softness and absorbency, and earn EIGHT Box Tops for your school. Pick up an extra package for home and be stocked up and ready for Back to School time.

Kleenex for Box Tops for Education #ad #BTSLikeABoss

Tissues are usually on every school supplies list, but even if they aren’t, you need to buy tissues for your home and classroom and Kleenex is my brand of choice. I earned FOUR Box Tops with this 3 pack of Kleenex and look at those fun colors on the boxes. I picked up an extra package for home because our allergies always get worse in the Fall and we love the softness of Kleenex.

Box Tops for Education #ad #BTSLikeABoss

I found all of Benjamin’s school supplies (and these extras) in a one-stop shop. And I earned TWELVE Box Tops for his classroom! I also can find Box Tops of Scott toilet paper and other household products throughout the store. But, how do you keep up with your Box Tops as you are saving them for your school? I’ve got a great way to make it fun for your kids and easy for you and it’s so much more than just throwing them in a baggie and forgetting where you put them.

Box Tops for Education Collection Sheet #ad #BTSLikeABoss

(click the photo for a printable pdf)

I created this Box Tops for Education Collection Sheet to share with you all today. All you have to do is print out this sheet and cut out your Box Tops, then glue or tape them on the apples until you have a full sheet! How fun is that? Benjamin gets so excited when he sees the Box Tops on the products I buy and the school gives the kids and classes incentives for bringing in lots of Box Tops so I try to find them on the regular products I am already buying.

This year, don’t go searching from store to store for school supplies and household items. Find everything you need, and collect lots of Box Tops for Education. Save money, time, and sanity during Back to School time!

How did your first day of Back to School go?

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