Baby Shower Free Printable Labels {Oh! The Places You’ll Go [inspired] Baby Shower}

See the whole Oh! The Places You’ll Go {inspired} Baby Shower here!

Oh! The Places You'll Go-inspired baby shower labels

Oh! The Places You’ll Go {inspired} Baby Shower FREE printables (pdf)

***Update: I had a few request for pdf files of some of the prints so I made these. If you need anything else altered, just let me know and I’ll work on it as fast as I can!

UPDATE: I love, love, love that people are finding these printables and using them in their own parties. As you’ll see below, I have altered them from time to time for others so they are more personalized. However, as my time gets busier and busier, I will have to ask for a very small fee for changes made to these printables.

For the time being, I will need to set a minimum for $10 to make small changes to existing labels. If you need a full set of changes, such as changing all of the pink to purple, then there will be additional charges. Just email me at janet (at) goingcrazywannago (dot) com and we’ll talk about it. I’m very fair and very reasonable.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Right click and save these images to make your own!


write a message blank sign words of advice words of advice with fish

party favor tags

blank frame with fish blank-sign headband crafty message to mommy blank Sneetch Treats write-a-message blank

Update #2 – I had a request for these labels in blue for a boy baby shower!

Here is a pdf file for the blue labels below –

beezlenut splash blue blank sign blue blank square blue book and fingerprint tree blue fish in a dish blue green eggs and ham onesie card in blue sneetch treats blue three cheese trees blue truffula trees blue write on diapers blue yinks pink ink drink blue

sugar high blue

Oh The Place Youll Go {Dr. Seuss} baby shower printables