How to Transition your Dog to New Food #HEBBeyond

How to Transition to a new dog food #sponsored #HEBBeyond

For whatever reason you choose to switch dog foods, check out these tips first on how to transition your dog to new food.

20+ Quick Family Meal Ideas

20+ quick family meal ideas

We’ve been talking about meal planning and I decided to put together a collection of over 20 family meal ideas to get us started.

27 Uses for Toilet Paper {not toilet paper rolls…the actual paper}

27 uses for toilet paper

How many uses for toilet paper can you come up with to add to my list?

Manic Monday – A General Life Update

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

Sometimes I just need to get it all out. Here’s my Manic Monday general life update for the week.

Am I Raising a Momma’s Boy or a Man’s Man?

after the Color Run

A few of my worries about being a #boymom – Am I raising a momma’s boy or a man’s man – maybe a little of both!

5 Confidence Boosters That Will Change Your Life! {plus FREE Daily Affirmations printables}

5 Confidence Boosters that will change your life #sponsored #PoisewithSAM

If you have issues with confidence like me, you will want to try these confidence boosters and change your life!

Diet Cherry Coke Gelatin Salad {Share a Coke with a Friend}

Diet Cherry Coke gelatin salad #ShareItForward #shop #CollectiveBias

This summer, Coke wants you to #ShareaCoke with a friend so I made a Diet Cherry Coke gelatin salad for my coworkers to #ShareItForward!

Feminine Care Products that are Made to Move {Plus FREE Women Empowerment printables for You!}

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” -- Roseanne Barr

If you’re looking for feminine products that are made to move, I have suggestions for you, but I also have FREE women empowerment printables!

How to Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation in a BIG Way

Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation in a BIG way

We are so proud of our boy this year that we just knew we had to celebrate Kindergarten graduation in a BIG way!

Summer Picnic Checklist {FREE printable and 20+ recipe ideas}

Summer Picnic Checklist FREE printable

What could be more fun during Summer than a picnic and don’t forget to check your Summer Picnic Checklist before you leave the house!