Symptoms of (and how to avoid) OTC Medication Overdose

Symptoms of (and how to avoid) OTC medication overdose #GutCheckAGA

If you’re taking over the counter medications, you need to read this information on OTC medication overdose and safe dosages.

Perfect Snacks for Little League Baseball Games

Perfect snacks for after the Little League Baseball Game

Looking for ideas for the perfect snack for after the Little League baseball game? I have a great list here for you to be the Team HERO!

Ultimate Confidence Kit for Blog Conferences

confidence kit for blog conferences

Headed to blog conferences this season? You need this confidence kit to make the most of your experience!

How to Get Back on Track After Weight Gain {Fatty Friday}

How to Get Back on Track after a Weight Gain

How do you get back on track after a weight gain?

Anxiety, Stress Eating and Weight Loss {Fatty Friday}

How to Avoid Stress Eating

Do as I say, not as I do – my week of anxiety and stress and tips to avoid stress eating

Sharp Tongue in Marriage

Do you have a sharp tongue in your marriage?

We are constantly working on our marriage and my #1 is to work on my sharp tongue.

Anxiety Ridden

Anxiety Ridden

Life is really good right now, but I continue to find myself anxiety ridden.

The Importance of Water for Weight Loss {Fatty Friday}

the importance of water for weight loss

This week I learned more about the importance of water for weight loss and how it affected my weekly weigh-in.

McDonald’s Playground Conversations

McDonald's Playground Conversations

Sometimes the playground conversations I hear can be so strange.

5 Ways to Make the Whole Family Healthy {Fatty Friday}

mustache boy

Ways to keep the whole family healthy – and a weight loss update!