Ad: Homemade School Lunches to Feed Hungry Kids

#ad Homemade school lunches feed hungry kids #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias

Are you a family of Hunger Heroes? Find out how Tyson and Kraft are helping to feed hungry kids!

20+ Easy Peasy Super Simple After School Snack Ideas

after school snack ideas #sponsored @Foodie @FoodiebyGlam

I’ve put together a collection of over 20 super simple after school snack ideas!

Passing on a Childhood Tradition with Palmolive Dish Soap #Palmolive25Ways #cbias

Passing on a childhood tradition - washing the car with Palmolive #Palmolive25Ways #shop #CollectiveBias

I’m passing along a childhood tradition of washing the car with Palmolive dish soap!

From Frazzled to Super Mom with a Tmobile Data Plan

From Frazzled to Super Mom #TabletTrio #shop #CollectiveBias

Meet my new best friend…Trio Tablet with a Tmobile data plan…free data for life!

Creativity and Sports – Soccer Bowling with Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt

Lunchbox Ready Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt #sponsored

Learn how I foster my boy’s creativity and sports love with a new game of Soccer Bowling!

Easy Energy Drink Combinations at Home

Orange Juice Energy Drink

I have a few ideas for some easy energy drink combinations that you can make at home!

Chef Salad at Home…on a Budget with Kraft Coupons

Chef Salad at Home...on a Budget #PackedWithSavings #shop #CollectiveBias

We had a little hiccup in our budget this week and when we finally made it home, I decided to make Chef Salad at Home…on a Budget using Kraft Printable Coupons.

Name Brand School Supplies on a Budget with Walgreens Paperless Coupons

Name Brand school supplies on a budget #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

It’s that time of year again…school supplies shopping time! I absolutely love this time of year because I’m a big ‘ole nerd and I love everything school supply related. Well, except the price, maybe, but I’ve figured out a life hack for this and I’m going to share it with you today.

How to Transition your Dog to New Food #HEBBeyond

How to Transition to a new dog food #sponsored #HEBBeyond

For whatever reason you choose to switch dog foods, check out these tips first on how to transition your dog to new food.

20+ Quick Family Meal Ideas

20+ quick family meal ideas

We’ve been talking about meal planning and I decided to put together a collection of over 20 family meal ideas to get us started.