Making the Transition from Family Bed to His Own Bed

This post about my boy making the transition from family bed to his own bed is sponsored by ZipIt bedding. I received a Zipit Bedding® set (pictured below) in order to facilitate my post. All stories, photos, and opinions are my own. 

My boy is currently making the transition from our family bed to his own bed and it’s been quite a journey. I have a few stories, a few tips, some awesome bedding to show you…and a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!

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When Benjamin was a baby, he slept in his own bed. He started out in a bassinet in our bedroom, but he quickly grew out of that and transitioned to his crib. When he was about two, he transitioned to a toddler room. While that was a challenge, he did well and slept in his bed for a long time. I’m not sure how it happened, but at some point, he began to sleep in our bed. Initially, he would fall asleep in our bed and we would move him and then we got to where we wouldn’t move him. Now, he’s been in our bed for so many years that I can’t even remember what it was like to have him make it a full night in his own bed.

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Now that Benjamin is 7 and in 2nd grade, he is starting to as about having friends over to spend the night. He’s always been very good about spending the night with my parents, my sister, and has always begged to go spend the night with his friend across the street (even though that friend’s mom is just not ready for a sleepover at her house). Since he doesn’t have anyone inviting him to spend the night yet, he’s asking to have people spend the night, but we’ve told him that he’s not having a sleepover until he learns to sleep in his own bed in his own room. So, we’re working on it!

At night when he falls asleep, Howard and I are taking him in his own room to sleep. While he may start out there, he usually makes it back into our family bed around 1 to 2am. There may be a rare night when he makes it to 5 or 6am, but those are still very rare. He has a night light and lots of fluffy stuffed animals to keep him comfortable. His room is clean so there’s no weird shadows or scary things. And now, he has ZipIt bedding on his bed to help him feel more secure.

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ZipIt bedding is a fun new bedding for kids that includes a fitted sheet attached to a comforter for the bed and it’s all attached with a zipper similar to a sleeping bag. Now, Benjamin feels secure all night with the zippered comforter and he doesn’t kick off his covers, waking him up because he’s cold. Plus, the whole set is reversible so we can transition the look from sports to a big boy chevron print anytime he wants.

ZipIt bedding 4 ZipIt bedding 5

Now that his room is clean and he has this new bedding, he can make his own bed easily by zipping up the sides in a flash. Plus, there’s a little pocket on each side that is perfect for a favorite animal, a flashlight, an alarm or any little secret items he wants to keep nearby. (I just have to remember to check the pockets before washing the bedding)

More info on ZipIt Bedding:

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  • In addition to fitting standard beds, Zipit Bedding is perfect for traveling and sleepaway camps

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What tips do you have for making the transition from a family bed to his own bed? I could use all the help I can get!


  1. Alisha S says:

    I’m struggling with this with my almost 4-year-old. I’ve never heard of this type of bedding. Genius! Genius! Genius!

  2. Kimberly says:

    My oldest was the exact same way; She started out in her bassinet and graduated to her crib, but sometime during her toddler years she started lingering in our bed at night. Nothing really helped until she wanted her own space again. 🙁


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