Why I Love Being a Boy Mom {video games, wrestling, toys, and more}

This week the boy has had Howard and me rolling in laughter so often that I just have so much to talk about today! I just love being a boy mom so much and it’s exciting to share with you every week about the fun it can be. Let me just start with a story.

You see, Howard and Benjamin has this gibberish talk that they do together that always makes me laugh. They talk nonsense to each other in a way that sounds like they are having a real conversation. Well, Benjamin got on a roll last Thursday and he was talking this gibberish for a good two minutes to himself, quite loudly, actually, in the back seat of the car. As he started to wind down, he took a deep breath and said “blah goop blah blah blah” (brief pause) “period”…and then he was done. Ha! This boy is just hilarious!

Why I love being a boy mom (part 2) #boymom

Here are a few more reasons I love being a boy mom:

6. We watch WWE Wrestling – A couple of years ago, I was offered an opportunity to write for #WWEmoms and become a part of that network. I was excited to be a part of it, but I had a lot to learn. Let me just tell you, this boy mom is officially a true WWE mom, complete with a crush on Randy Orton (swoon!).

7. I like to watch video games – Ever since I was in college, I have loved to watch people play video games and occasionally I like to play one as well. Being a boy mom eventually leads you to watching a few video games, whether they are learning games or just watching your husband and son play a video game together. Benjamin and I especially love to visit Dogwood Junction in Palestine to play Air Hockey and more video games on the weekends while Howard is working.

8. I find LEGO’s to be therapeutic – My boy has recently discovered the fun of LEGO, but he doesn’t always have the patience to build them. For his birthday recently, he received almost $100 to spend on toys and he spent it all on LEGO sets. He wanted to build his first LEGO set by himself so we sat down with the instructions and I just talked him through putting the pieces together. He got about halfway through the car frame and then he started to sing, “there sure are a lot of pieces…” (haha!) so I asked if he wanted me to work on it for a little while. I ended up finishing the car and then putting together a beach house while he played with the people that came with the sets. I actually found it very therapeutic and I’m considering buying him some more just so I can put them together!

9. I love playing board games – Whether it’s Operation, checkers, or Chutes ‘n Ladders, the boy and I love to play board games on the weekends. We have played Life and Monopoly and we’re always looking for a new game to play. This weekend I wanted to buy Apples to Apples Junior for him, but you have to have at least 4 players and it’s usually just the two of us together.

10. SpongeBob SquarePants is hilarious – As far as cartoons go, this is by far our favorite and we watch it often. We’ve learned lessons from ‘ole SpongeBob and we’ve had a SpongeBob birthday party. Benjamin is even considering having another SpongeBob party next year! Whatever cartoon is your son’s favorite, watch it with him and you might enjoy it.

What is your favorite boy mom play time activity?

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