Boy Mom Resources: Top 10 Boy Books Your Son Will Love (Ages 7-9)

Just so you know, this post about boy books your son will love contains affiliate links, which means if you click through one of the links below and then order something from, I make a small commission. Believe me, it will just go towards more books for my son, so at least it’s a good cause!

As a boy mom, I was a little worried that I would be raising a child who didn’t have an interest in reading. Somehow, I just figured that boys were into dirty and trucks and didn’t have time for reading and the imagination journeys I enjoyed as a child. Howard and I began reading to Benjamin when he was still in utero. Of course, we sang to him more than read to him and every night, Howard would sing the ABCs to my tummy, but every so often we would read a book. Once he was born, it was a nightly ritual and you could see on his face that Benjamin enjoyed the stories (or at least the fluctuations in our voices at first).

These days, Benjamin is much more into reading to us or reading to himself and I am pleased to say that I’m raising a little reader who loves to go on adventures in the books he reads. Every night, he has a school reader and at least once per week, he is going up a step in the level of reading. He has begun to enjoy chapter books a little and finished his first full chapter book on his own over his Christmas break in December. Santa brought him the first three books in the A to Z Mysteries and he started with B (of course!) and read all of The Bald Bandit in less than three days.

Top 10 Boy Books Your Son Will Love

Now that we’ve entered the world of reading on our own and chapter books, I figured I would share some of my Boy Mom Resources and start with our Top 10 Boy Books that your son will love, for ages 7-9 years old.

  1. How to Eat Fried Worms, by Thomas Rockwell – This book was one of my favorites as a child and I can’t wait to order it for my boy. What else could be better for a boy than worms and dirt and, of course, a bet! In this book, Billy is bet by a bully that he can’t eat 15 worms in 15 days. You can only imagine the hijinks this will create when the bully has the motto, “the bigger and juicier, the better”.
  2. The Ralph Mouse Collection (The Mouse and the Motorcycle / Runaway Ralph / Ralph S. Mouse), by Beverly Cleary – OMGoodness, these books are so much fun! Do you remember reading these as a child and can’t you just see your boy begging for a pet mouse after reading these? My boy has loved hearing some of the stories that I have told him about Ralph and he can’t wait to read all of these books on his own soon. Besides, how can you go wrong with a Beverly Cleary book, right?
  3. The Indian in the Cupboard, by Lynne Reid Banks – I was first introduced to this book when it was made into a movie, but once I found out it was really a story from a book, I just knew I needed to read it and now I just know that my boy will need to read it as well. It is full of imagination and a journey that any boy would love.
  4. The Hardy Boys Secret Files, by Franklin W. Dixon – Now, I’m sure you can guess that I was more of a Nancy Drew fan, myself, but I know my boy and a good mystery. He is just like his daddy who watches Investigation Discovery all day long. I just know that my boy will love these books and will want to read them all. If you’re looking for a good collection to get started with your 7-9 year old, check out the Hardy Boys (or the A to Z Mysteries – see #10) and I’m sure your boy will thank me.
  5. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, by Mo O’Hara – This is a book that my boy has told me about from his school and from book fairs. He’s read parts of the first and second one and he’s been asking for all of the collection. Since zombies seem to be all the rage these days, I’m sure that your boy would love to read about this science experiment gone bad.
  6. Fly Guy Series, by Tedd Arnold – Finally, a series of books that Benjamin and I have begun to dig into and purchase, Fly Guy is funny and easy to read. In fact, I would say that some of Fly Guy’s books would be good for ages 4 and up, rather than just 7 to 9. Fly Guy has a few funny stories, but he also has some reference-like books. For instance, Fly Guy Presents: Sharks is definitely a favorite for my boy.
  7. Pete the Cat, by James Dean – Much like Fly Guy, Pete the Cat is a favorite of ours and we own a few of these. We’ve also read a couple from the library and Benjamin loves them. They, too, are probably more of a 4 and up series, but they are fun and silly for boys and an easy read with a familiar character.
  8. Captain Underpants Series, by Dav Pilkey – We have one of these in the series and we just love it. It is silly and fun and it’s a great chapter book for either you to read to your son or for him to read to you. I would say this might be on the higher range of the 7 to 9, but fun for all boys.
  9. The Flat Stanley Collection, by Jeff Brown – Benjamin has told me a little about Flat Stanley, but I haven’t seen any of these yet. They are on our wish list for now, but he seems to really enjoy what he’s read so far.
  10. A to Z Mysteries, by Ron Roy – As I mentioned above, this series is the perfect reading level for my 7 year old. With 26 books and then some super mysteries, he will have plenty to read this year.

Now, if you’re looking for a book for your boy to keep you both engaged, you’ll just have to check out this one – The Big Book of Why: 1,001 Facts Kids Want to Know – It’s definitely on our Wish List!

What boy books are on your son’s wish list this year?

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