Healthy Comfort Foods: 15+ Winter Salad Recipes

This post about healthy comfort foods, featuring 15+ winter salad recipes is sponsored by Foodie by Glam. All opinions are my own.

The cold weather is here and everywhere you look, the holidays are taking over. With the holidays comes Old Man Winter, Jack Frost, and all that jazz. Once the cold weather hits, the meals around here change. We want something that will stick to our ribs and keep us fed while we shiver. We Texans aren’t used to cold weather and we need comfort foods to tide us over for the day or two that things get shivery.

How do you combat all the sugary sweets that seem to pop up during the holidays and the hot cocoa nights during the winter? I haven’t quite figured out the trick yet, but I’ve been looking for some healthy comfort foods to keep up with my weight loss during the winter months.

Healthy Comfort Food: 15+ Winter Salad Recipes #sponsored @Foodie

Comfort foods are typically not considered the healthiest of foods, full of carbs and sugars, but today I’m bringing you a few ideas for healthy comfort foods with these winter salad recipes. From pomegranates to quinoa, from pears to almonds and pecans, these salad recipes are bound to whet your appetite and keep you warm and cozy this winter.

Check out Comfort Food: Salads for Winter

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Do you have any favorite winter salad recipes (or other healthy comfort foods recipes) that you like to share during the winter? Link them up in the comments and I would love to see them!


  1. Debra says:

    I LOVE salads at all times of year! Yum!

  2. That goat cheese salad is SO up my alley! I’m drooling. It would be great with some soup for a winter meal!

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