How to Build Confidence in Your Look

This post about how to build confidence in your look, despite thinning hair, is sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All stories, opinions, and photos are my own. #CollectiveBias #MoreIsBeautiful

How to Build Confidence in your Look despite thinning hair #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad

You all know that I’m not the most confident person. I struggle with feeling worthy and feeling beautiful. I worry what others think of me and I worry if I’m good enough. It’s a struggle that I battle every single day. I feel like I’m overweight and dumpy. I don’t love my body enough to dress in a way that flatters me. I don’t do my hair because I don’t feel worthy of spending the time that it takes to blow dry and curl and fix it. I’m usually so exhausted from working until the wee hours of the night that I just want to roll out of bed, shower, and go. I don’t wear make-up and I don’t worry about the wrinkles on my face or my overgrown eyebrows.

If I had to name one thing that I love about myself, or that I have loved in the past, it would be my hair. Since I rarely do anything to it, it has always been healthy and long. I don’t get it cut often enough so I do struggle with split ends and frizzy ends. But, like I said, I rarely do anything to it to really show it off.

My forehead is becoming a fivehead! #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad

My husband turned 40 this year and it really got me to thinking. I’m not much further behind him and although I’m not afraid or embarrassed to turn 40, I have started thinking about getting older. I’ve noticed a few things that are changing and I’m thinking it’s time to build confidence again in my look. One of the things I noticed is that my hair is getting stringy and coarse. I think it might be my version of gray hair growing, without the actual color changing yet. I’ve also noticed that my hair is getting oily toward the end of the day and I wash it every day so this should not be happening. Finally, I’ve noticed something that is really bothering me – my hair is thinning! When I was growing up, I always wore bangs in my hair and recently I cut bangs again, but they didn’t have the fullness that I was used to. That is when I started seeing the thinness really show through. My husband has always said I had a fivehead, but now I’m starting to agree with him!

So, what am I going to do to change my own life and build confidence in my look? Here are my easy steps:

Step 1 in building confidence in your look is to groom your eyebrows #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad

Step 1: Get a facial and groom your eyebrows

I went to the spa and had my eyebrows and lip waxed and got a facial so my skin would feel fresh and I was rejuvenated. Nothing changes a face more than getting fresh eyebrows and a clean facial. I always feel just a little more beautiful when I’m leaving the spa after one of these visits.

Step 2: Wear makeup, even if just a little

I don’t wear makeup, like, ever, so this one is difficult for me. I always get compliments on it when I do so I’m just not sure why I don’t put in the extra effort. I have allergies that make my eyes water regularly so I’ve just started to avoid makeup at all costs. But…when I do have a little makeup on, just a little will do it, I feel more beautiful and confident in my look.

Step 3: Style your hair and smile

I just need a little blow dry and curl and things just change in my mind. My husband looks at me longer and my son smiles just a little bigger when he looks at me. Styling my hair is the best way I know how to build confidence in my look.

Grow thicker and more voluminous hair with Rogaine for Women #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad

Step 4: Grow thicker and more voluminous hair

I recently came across the new Rogaine for Women and thought this would be a great idea for my thinning hair problem. The new Rogaine for Women is an easy to use foam that you put on your scalp and leave in. I picked some up recently and have been putting it on my hair at night before I go to bed. I’m hoping this will solve my fivehead problem and get my thicker bangs back! I also picked up Neutrogena Daily Control shampoo and conditioner to see if this will help with my oily hair problem.

The new Rogaine for Women is available at Walmart for under $50 (for a 4 month supply). Results could take 3-6 months to occur with daily use. I’m really looking forward to seeing a difference and I’ll definitely be letting you all know how it works for me.

JanetGoingCrazy is building confidence in her look despite thinning hair with Rogaine for Women #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias #ad

Now that you know my secrets, you know how I’m planning to build confidence in my look despite my thinning hair.

How do you build confidence in your look?


  1. Janet W. says:

    Your hair is so pretty and I love the color of it! I need to pamper my face more often than I do.

  2. You look great with bangs! Its a good look on you!
    Heather recently posted..Fresh and Healthy: Simple Steps for Making Homemade Baby FoodMy Profile

  3. These are good tips for improving your look and with better looks certainly comes more confidence.
    Patranila recently posted..Monat Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive ReviewMy Profile

  4. Brandi says:

    Oh, I can so relate, Janet! I have had thinning hair since I had my daughter. I’ve heard great things about Rogaine for women so I’m looking forward to see how it works for you!

  5. I rarely wear makeup anymore. I build confidence in my look by knowing that I’m awesome and that anyone who doesn’t agree can kiss it! ;p
    Kassondra from Motherhood Community recently posted..OLED TV: With Best Buy You Can Live in the FutureMy Profile

  6. I lost some volume after having my second kiddo. It’s so tough!
    Kristin recently posted..Enjoying the Holidays with Our #HickoryTraditionMy Profile

  7. You look great, so does your hair! I have the opposite problem. My hair is too thick and my hair is all over the place.
    Mistee Dawn recently posted..Decibullz custom molded earbuds should be on everyone’s gift list! #2014HolidayGiftGuideMy Profile

  8. Rosey says:

    You do look lovely! I have never had a facial, I’m not adverse to one though. 🙂

  9. I wish I knew what the underlying cause of thinning hair is! Even the strands of my hair are not as thick as they once were. I’m glad there are products that can help though! You look great with bangs!
    Sandra Shaffer recently posted..Apple Pie Shooter CocktailMy Profile

  10. Oh do I feel your pain. My hair has been thinning over the last few years and it’s kind of astonishing to see the change when I look at old pictures of myself. Good luck to you with building your confidence and seeing the good in yourself. You deserve it!
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted..Sundays are for Sharing: Diabetes Awareness, DIY Deodorant, Styling Leggings & MoreMy Profile

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