Our Day of Fun at Yesterland Farm in Canton, Texas

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this week, I have the perfect solution – Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX! We had so much fun there and I just had to tell you all about it.

Entrance to Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

My family and I made the trek to Canton, TX a couple of weeks ago to a pumpkin patch and playground for kids to spend the day just enjoying our little ones. We went to Yesterland Farm where the kids could see pig races, ride carnival rides, take photos with pumpkins (and buy them, too) and just enjoy a beautiful day. There are photo opps throughout the park and fun activities for the kids everywhere. I’ll show you a few things that we enjoyed and you can decide for yourself if this is a place for you to visit.

Santa's Runaway Sleigh at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

One of the fun things that Benjamin was really looking forward to at Yesterland Farm was the rides. This roller coaster is probably one of the biggest he’s ever ridden and he loved it. My little boy is becoming a daredevil!

HINT: When you enter Yesterland Farm, buy a regular pass for yourself and upgrade to the Amazement Pass for your children. It’s $15 extra and covers all the rides except the pony rides, OR just upgrade to the Super Pass and you won’t be shelling out any more money for the apple launcher or the gem mining. I bought a Farm Pass for me, an Amazement Pass for Benjamin, and then spent $5 on gem mining, $5 on apple launching, and $5 on pony rides. I would have saved $2 if I had just sprung for the Super Pass in the beginning. You’re Welcome!

There are tons of photo opps at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

Take a photo with a cow at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

Turn into a chicken at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

Take photos with lots of pumpkins at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

The photo opps at Yesterland Farm are just adorable. We took so many photos with our phones that our batteries ran out and I wished I had brought my camera!

Watch a pumpkin movie in a teepee at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

We did so much while we were there that we just didn’t have time to go watch the movie, but you can see a movie about pumpkins in this teepee.

Let the kids play on the playground at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

Take a drink from the lion water fountain at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

While we were waiting for the pig races to start, Benjamin enjoyed playing on the playground at the park. There were slides and swings, teeter totters and other riding toys. Preslee went to see the petting zoo while he was playing so I didn’t get any photos of that, but there were goats and chickens and pigs at the zoo.

You have to see the pig races at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

You might even get to be a cheerleader at the pig races at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

One of the hidden secrets of Yesterland Farm is the Pig Races. They are free to attend and so much fun. You have to go see them and you might even get to be a cheerleader like my sister-in-law!

Ride the hay ride at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

After the pig races, just walk past the playground and get on the Hay Ride. It’s free as well and you’ll get a ride through the woods around the farm. My parents were tickled pink that they got to ride with two of their four grandkids.

Mine for gemstones at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

I think this was one of Benjamin’s favorite parts (outside of the rides, of course). He went mining for gems and found a baggie full of beautiful rocks!

If the kids get tired, pick up a wagon at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

These fun wagons really came in handy when the kids started to get tired of walking around. Preslee even napped in this one while Benjamin was riding rides.

Let the kids ride the carnival rides at Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

Finally, the boy had a blast riding these carnival rides. Tickets are $1 and most rides take 2 tickets, but as I mentioned, if you get the Amazement or Super Pass, the rides are unlimited. Benjamin even rode this one several times in a row!

There are several more FREE fun things to do at Yesterland Farm that I didn’t get photos of because I was either helping Benjamin or it was after my phone died. We went through the Corn Maze, rode the Giant Slide, raced rubber duckies, launched apples from a cannon and with a slingshot (you have to buy the apples to launch), and then there’s the concession stands and the souvenir store to visit. It was just a day of fun with the family that I think all families would enjoy.

Yesterland Farm is open on weekends until November 9, so hurry and plan your trip.

They also host a Christmas Playland from November 28 through December 14. You can bet we’ll be visiting again to see the sights!




  1. April says:

    Oh, this looks exciting especially for my kids. I’m sure they’ll love it here. Hope to travel and visit this place soon.

  2. My children would absolutely love this farm – It looks like so much fun!! Whenever we travel, we try to find places just like this to explore.

  3. Jenna Wood says:

    That chicken shot s adorable! We have a similar pick your own farm we visit, more in the Summer. I have been meaning to stop in one Fall day for a hay ride!

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