Just a quick weight loss update

I can’t believe I let a Friday go by without posting about my weight loss. I’m so sorry it’s late, but here goes…

“A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.” ~Unknown

After last week’s weight gain, I really got serious and did a restart on my healthy eating. I ate tuna almost every day for lunch and ate only protein for dinner. I stuck to my plan seriously. I was determined to recover from the gain and I even got a little exercise in. Life was crazy as usual, but I decided it was time to really take this serious.

I lost 9 lbs this week!

Now, you would think it would be easy to stick to it once I got started, but I think I have some kind of mental block on losing weight and I haven’t been doing so well since Monday of last week when I weighed in. I need to get back on track with my regular weigh-in days (Thursday) so I can stop “cheating” on the off days. I can’t keep up this yo-yo, but I have a feeling that this coming Friday is not going to be as pretty. I’m sure I’ve gained again, but this is my struggle.

I know that many of you out there who are reading along and trying along with me have these struggles as well so I need your advice. How do I get on track and stay on track? How do I convince myself that I’m worth it to eat better, feel better, be better? How do I eat healthy even if my family chooses not to eat healthy with me?

I have all the risk factors of being a very sick person. I have high blood pressure and family history of diabetes. I’m morbidly obese and I have a sweet tooth like nobody else I know. How do I get healthy and stay healthy?


  1. I’m with ya. It seems logical that once we see results we should be gung ho to stay on track with our eating, right? That’s not the way it is for me. I have to stay two steps ahead of myself and make sure I keep healthy options for me at home and easy to grab. A smoothie first thing in the morning was my first step and that really, really helps me. I struggled with my weight loss until I found out that I really, really like the circuit class at the Y. Working out in itself was just boring for me, even with my favorite tunes and a tv on the cardio machines. The class really pushes me mentally and physically plus two classes per week is enough on its own to help me steadily lose weight. Now I’m working during the other days to improve my strength and stamina. Are you able to try a fitness class of some kind? Maybe find something that you enjoy?

    P.S.- I’m still drinking a lot more water (thanks to one of your previous posts) and I’m drinking a lot more tea. Thank you!

    • janet says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you are encouraged to drink more water from my post! I love my water and I get in as much as I can. Thank you for the ideas of cardio classes. My husband and I just joined our Y so I haven’t looked into what classes they offer yet. Maybe I just need that exercise piece now to really keep myself on track. I will have to have good “fuel” to keep up and the sweets will just make me feel miserable.

      • Trying their classes is the best thing I’ve ever done there. I had thought about trying Zumba or trying yoga again but for me, I love the circuit. It’s hard and I always hurt afterwards. 🙂 Sweets are my downfall but they make me feel miserable too! I’ve tried some really good “healthier” treats with natural sugars that help me (I know that sounds weird.). It took me a couple months but I was able to decrease my refined sugar intake and be the kind of person that can satisfy a sweet tooth with a more natural food option. Dramatically reducing sugar and cutting out diet sodas decreased my cravings to almost nothing so it was like chasing my tail. I cannot have much dairy and the side effects deter me so that helps.


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