How to Gain 7 lbs in 12 Days #FattyFriday

You know, I talk a lot here about losing weight, but I know there are some of you out there who are trying to gain weight. From time to time, I gain weight so I thought today that I would just give you a few tips on how to gain at least 7 lbs in 12 days.  

How to Gain 7 lbs in 12 Days #FattyFriday

How to Gain 7 lbs in 12 Days

Alright all you skinny gals out there who are reading this. I know your struggle. I know you get teased for being tiny and told you’re going to blow away. It’s a real thing and it’s just as damaging to a person’s self ego as the fat shaming that goes on. You try to eat more calories and you try to be a couch potato, but you just can’t gain the weight like those of us who are starving ourselves to lose a fraction of a pound. I can tell you that food must become your life and you must live to eat, but you already know that. I have a few more tips that will help you in the long run. Be proud of your efforts, but try just a little harder.

1. Meal Plan

Everybody knows what it means to meal plan in the traditional sense. You sit down on Sunday afternoon and write down your meals for the week. You decide what you will have for every meal for an entire week and then you make your grocery list. Now, when you’re trying to gain weight, you need to do this a little differently. Don’t plan your meals on Sunday afternoon, but rather plan your next meal when you’re eating your current meal. For example, my family went to a restaurant one day last week and I ordered a steak and eggs meal. The steak was not very good and it had a lot of fat and grisle in it. I started in immediately on planning my next dinner and asked Howard to make us steaks the following day. See how I did that? I planned my next meal while I was still eating my current meal.

2. Grocery shop

Don’t just grocery shop for the entire week (like with the meal planning), but grocery shop day by day. Don’t think about what you’re going to eat for dinner until you get to the grocery store after work. Be sure that you are hungry when you go there and if you really want to rev it up, grocery shop when you’re tired and have a child (or more) with you after school and work. Think healthy food, but then pick the unhealthy version of it. For example, I crave chicken often so I send my husband and child into the grocery store and they come out with either a bucket of fried chicken or frozen chicken patties. The hunger while you’re shopping will help you pick out something that is fast and easy. Believe me, it won’t be the healthiest option.

3. Eat 6 meals per day

Any health nut you talk to will tell you that eating 6 small meals per day is the best way to lose weight, but since we’re not losing, but wanting to gain, make those meals just a little larger. Here’s how you do it: (1) Eat breakfast at home, maybe some eggs and bacon, (2) On the way to work, pick up a fancy coffee and a couple of donuts or if you’re lucky, there will be donuts when you get to work in which case you can eat donuts both times, (3) Eat lunch at a fast food restaurant because you didn’t bring your lunch to work, (4) Go to Sonic for a pick-me-up drink in the afternoon and go ahead and get a snack while you’re there, (5) Eat dinner – see #2 above, (6) Since you were so hungry after work and you ate an early dinner, you will get hungry again around 10pm so just eat again, whatever you can find around the house or go out for ice cream on the nights that your child(ren) fall asleep early.

4. Snack well

Sometimes you just can’t fit in your 6 small meals per day and you just need a snack in between. Sometimes you’re busy with sports and activities and your dinner will be delayed. In this case, snacks are the best option. Stopping at the gas station for a fountain drink and a candy bar (or two) is your best option. Chocolate and nuts in a King Size candy bar will really satisfy you temporarily until you can get to your next meal.

5. Don’t just eat to live

You really have to live to eat. You have to think about food nonstop and you have to give into your cravings. I asked on my Facebook page recently what it meant when I was craving salt. The most popular answer was EAT SALT! Don’t worry about your high blood pressure or your dehydration from having too much sodium. Just give in and go pick up some french fries with extra salt. Buy a burger so you can just eat the meat, but then eat the bun as well. Super crunchy chicken fingers are a great snack as well. Don’t just eat to maintain life, but really LIVE to EAT. Treat yourself from time to time. For example, this past weekend, I made a peanut butter chip cookie cake for a superhero party that my family had at home. It was delicious and I ate probably half of it on my own.

Okay, okay, I know I’m being fascitious and you all are probably catching on by now that I have not been following my weight loss plan to a tee. I’ve been lazy. I tend to do well in the early parts of the day, but then I overeat and eat the wrong things in the afternoon and evening. After I eat dinner, I go to my bed (if I didn’t actually eat dinner in my bed) and I don’t move until it’s time to lay down and go to sleep. I’ve been so bad. You already know that I didn’t weigh in last Thursday because Benjamin had a soccer game and so I weighed in a little early this week on Tuesday.

I gained 7 lbs in 12 days!

Howard didn’t get to go with me so I don’t know what he gained or lost, but he ate right along with me, if not worse.

I have; however, self-corrected already! Since Tuesday, I have eaten only protein and stuck within my 500-700 calories. I’ve been increasing my water each day and that is probably my biggest struggle. For the most part, I’ve been satisfied and I’m really hoping it pays off next Thursday when I weigh in. Wish me luck and please, please, don’t follow my tips that I listed above.

Have a great week!


  1. Stacie says:

    I know it’s SO hard…until you find a plan that works with your lifestyle…a plan you can live with. Starting somewhere is the first best thing. I can’t imagine only eating 500-700 calories a day! Sharing your story takes great courage. Baby steps! And there is always Plexus to help curb those cravings. But again…it’s up to each individual to find a lifestyle change that works for them, and if you like the plan you are on, keep on keepin on (as our daddy would say). Love you!!!

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Stacie, I’m keepin’ on! I’m still thinking about the Plexus, too. It’s just a matter of money at this point. 🙂

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