Inspirational Water Bottle Labels {Free Printable}

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How to Stay Hydrated {free printable water bottle labels} #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

You all know that I’m working hard to try to lose weight. You also know that I’ve struggled with my addiction to diet soda, right? Remember back when I was blogging about my weight losses and gains (Yeah, yeah…I know I was away for a while, but I posted last Friday!) and I kept stressing the importance of water and staying hydrated? Well, it’s just something that cannot be stressed enough, especially to someone like me who loves an ice cold fountain drink diet soda. I know I need my water every day so I’m going to help you (and me) stay hydrated and stay inspired with printable water bottle labels (those are coming at the end of this post).

Drink more water - free printable water bottle label #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

How to Stay Hydrated with Bottled Water

You should know by now that your body is made up of at least 60% water and your body needs water to keep functioning properly. Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses of water (or 4 regular sized bottled water) and my doctor has always told me that if I drink caffeinated beverages that I need to drink that much more water in addition to my 8 glasses. Getting all that water in each day can be challenging, but staying hydrated is so essential that we all must make that extra effort to get in our water each day.

Here are a few tips on how to stay hydrated with bottled water:

1. Know how much water you need to drink each day

As I mentioned, getting in your 8 glasses of water means you only have to drink 4 bottles so set aside those bottles or pack them in your lunch bag for the day and just know that you have to get in those bottles throughout the day. Start your day with a bottle, then drink a bottle with each meal – easy peasy!

Nestle Pure Life water in Walmart #HealthyHydration #shop #CollectiveBias

I buy my Nestle Pure Life bottled water at Walmart, but sometimes at night I want a nice big glass of ice water and it sure would be nice to have a 5 gallon bottle to help fill up my glass rather than have to empty a couple of bottles and use up my portable waters that I take to work. I really wish Walmart would start carrying the Nestle Pure Life 5 gallon bottles so I could keep them at home for my evening and weekend water challenges. Plus, these bottles are PET plastic which is BPA-free, so I know that I’m not getting any extra chemicals in my water from the plastic.

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2. Set a goal; be an overachiever

One of my favorite bloggers went through weight loss surgery recently and she posts on her Facebook page about her weight loss progress and her food/drink challenges. I love when she sets a water challenge for the day and sets her own goal, then encourages us to set a goal as well. I’m always in for 6 bottles and most of the time I can meet the challenge or even exceed my goal!

3. Combine your water with a healthy snack

Reward yourself with some yummy hydrating fruits or vegetables every time you drink a bottle of water like Nestle Pure Life bottled water. Some of the hydrating fruits and vegetables can be cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, berries, figs, cherries, grapes and carrots.

4. Flavor your water to entice your taste buds

I don’t usually have this problem, but sometimes people say that water just doesn’t taste good. Of course, Nestle Pure Life bottled water has a fresh, clean taste, but if you just don’t want plain water, add some flavors in. There are lots of products out there to add to water, but be careful with sugar and caffeine content with some of them. If you want something cleansing, add cucumber, fresh fruit, or lemon to your water for that extra taste and cleansing quality.

Free printable water bottle labels #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

Making printable water bottle labels {free printable} #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

5. Label your bottles to keep them inspiring you to drink more!

If your bottled water “talks” to you, you might be more encouraged to drink a little more. Last February, I showed you how to make SpongeBob SquarePants water bottle labels and this time, my labels are inspiring! Check out these labels I made that will encourage you to keep drinking and stay hydrated.

Inspirational Water Bottle Labels

(just click on the image to download)

Free Printable water bottle labels #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

Do you have your own Inspirational message to add? Download this free printable instead!

customizable water bottle labels #shop #HealthyHydration #CollectiveBias

What tips do you have to stay hydrated?


  1. Go you!!! Love the inspirational labels! I guzzle water all day long–I love it with ice and lemon slices in it–so refreshing. Keep up the great work! You can do it and it’ll be so worth it!

  2. Love the idea of motivating (and keeping track) of how much water I have had in a day! I’m one that likes flavored & ice cold water, so I need a splash of something in my drink. Also, great tip about drinking a bottle of water with each meal – that makes a water drinking goal seem much more attainable for me! #client

  3. This is such a great idea!! Love how motivating this would be. I need all the help I can get drinking more water.

  4. I need these! I am terrible at getting all my water in; this is great encouragement!!

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