5 Reasons You Need a Sam’s Club Membership

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When I was in college, I barely had enough money to pay my bills and take care of myself. In fact, at times, I didn’t have enough to take care of myself. I would call my sister, crying, and tell her that I didn’t have shampoo or even food in the house. She had a young family of four and they didn’t have much money, but they always did what they could to help me out. One of my favorite memories of that time was when they would invite me to their house for the weekend and take me to Sam’s Club to shop for groceries and other household needs. I don’t know how they afforded it all, but they always told me that I didn’t owe them back and I could Pay it Forward someday when I was on my feet.

{Pay it Forward} Sisterpalooza Shopping Spree at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

It’s been years since they did this for me and I figured it would be many more years before I would be in a position to finally Pay it Forward. In fact, I just assumed that I would end up paying it forward to my niece or nephew (who are just now older teens, one in college, one a Senior in high school), but I finally got to start paying it forward with my younger sister this past week during a Sisterpalooza Shopping Spree at Sam’s Club!

Enjoy the self checkout at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know that my sisters and I are very close and all three of us have a very special bond. We love to get together, just the three of us, for Black Friday and other events for Sisterpalooza. When we were growing up, I felt like my little sister was like my daughter for many years because we only had each other to depend on when our parents were working so much to provide for us. When I decided it was time to Pay it Forward, I knew that my little sis was the one who was going to be first in line.

Preslee at one year old

Shameless plug for my baby niece, Preslee

You see, my little sister has a one year old and she just had to cut back her hours at work so she could have the energy to keep up with her daughter and just survive her life. While she does have a partner and they have two incomes, times are tough sometimes and you may already know that daycare for a one year old is pretty darn expensive! So, Beth and I jumped in the car and headed out for the day for a shopping spree at Sam’s Club.

{Pay it Forward} Grocery shopping with my sister at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

Now, my sister knows a little about Sam’s Club because she worked for them when she was in college, but she never had the money to really SHOP there for a good stocking-up shopping spree. In fact, the two of us used to go to Sam’s Club on Sundays, buy a soda, and then peruse the sample stations for our lunch. We were buh-roke! But this time around, we really were able to look at the food and household supplies and we stocked up her house with food for her and her partner, food for her baby girl, and a few other supplies that all families need. The prices are great at Sam’s Club and we had a blast!

Now, I’m sure you all know the benefits of shopping at Sam’s Club for stocking up your pantries, freezers, and cabinets, but I have a few more reasons that you need a Sam’s Club Membership now!

5 Reasons You Need a Sam’s Club Membership

1. Bulk Grocery Shopping

It can be difficult to start bulk grocery shopping at first with a family on a budget, but it can be worth it in the long run because you can do a month’s worth of shopping on a reasonable budget. Seeing a box of corn dogs for $10-$12 can seem like a lot, but if you shop smart and only get the things you need, you will be surprised how much you can really buy on your budget.

Full pharmacy benefits at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

2. Pharmacy Benefits

Just like a one-stop shop, Sam’s Club has a full pharmacy with benefits such as flu shots and other immunizations. In addition to the pharmacy, you can pick up all of your over the counter medications in bulk as well. My husband and I take 1-2 doses of OTC allergy medicine per day so buying in bulk can really help. You can find name brand and generic medications for great prices.

Instant Savings at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

3. Instant Savings

So, Sam’s Club has this awesome benefit called Instant Savings on certain items. No need for coupons or funky combinations of Buy 5, Get $5 off or anything like that. You just simply buy the items that you would normally be buying and voila…Instant Savings! This month (until 9/21) you can save up to $5000 online or in the store with Instant Savings!

4. Health Screenings

Along with the pharmacy, Sam’s Club also offers a health screening service for all members. These screenings include services like Diabetes Awareness (September) and Women’s Health (October) and many other services. Check out the multiple Sam’s Club services that you could enjoy by being a member!

Fuel Savings at Sam's Club #TrySamsClub #shop #CollectiveBias

5. Fuel Savings

One of my favorite perks of being a Sam’s Club member is the Fuel Savings. On the day that my sister and I were there, we save $0.05 per gallon off the regular price in that area just by scanning my Sam’s Club card! My sister drives a Yukon so she was thrilled to save on gas for this trip.

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Are you intrigued yet? Sam’s Club is featuring an Open House so you can check it out for yourself. You can shop at Sam’s Club without a membership on September 12-14. Check out more details here!

What will you stock up on during your shopping spree at Sam’s Club?


  1. I love shopping at Sam’s Club for fresh produce and meat, but I’ve never thought about taking advantage of their Pharmacy savings. Thanks for sharing! #client

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