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Diaper Owl Tutorial Made with the Best Baby Diapers

This diaper owl tutorial, featuring the best baby diapers, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All photos, stories, and opinions are my own. #BabyDiapersSavings #CollectiveBias

Diaper Owl Tutorial #BabyDiapersSavings #CollectiveBias #shop

A while back I told you all about Ms. E, one of my best friends, who “strong-armed” me into being her friend. She and I have been friends since our last year in college when she sat next to me and talked to me over and over until I just finally gave in and started talking back. She and I have been through some ups and downs together as our lives have changed so much since that one semester.

Ms E at my wedding

Ms E at my wedding

I told you about when her fiance passed away suddenly and then she had to move to Missouri to go to grad school. I was around when she first met her current husband and I was in her wedding just after I met my husband. She was in my wedding just a few months later. She was there the day I gave birth to Benjamin and actually was the one who told the nurses that I was ready to push. Just a few years ago, I went back to Missouri, with Benjamin along for the ride, to watch her graduate again…this time from Graduate School and on her way to getting her doctorate.

Ms E's graduation

Ms E’s graduation

After that trip to Missouri, Ms. E told me that watching me take care of Benjamin during all the graduation events inspired her to want children. You see, before that time, she told me that she thought children would be a hindrance to a busy lifestyle. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to deal with raising a child and being a doctor and living the busy life that she and her husband live. She told me that I handled having a child in tow like a breeze and she wanted to be a mom like me. Wow…this was one of the best compliments anyone could have given me, especially when I was trying to raise a baby boy to be my little man.

Parent's Choice diapers at Walmart #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

You cannot even imagine how excited I was when I got the message from Ms. E a few months ago that she was finally pregnant! You see, she has a blood clot disorder that has plagued her for many years. She can’t just get pregnant any time she is ready. She has to be monitored closely by her doctors and has to be told when her blood numbers are ideal for her to carry a baby. On top of that, she had a tubal pregnancy the first time around and had to lose the baby after only a few weeks. This time around, she has had a healthy pregnancy and as we get ready for her time to come, I feel like I need to start sharing some of the wisdom I have gained in the past six years. The first nugget I have to give her is how to find the best baby diapers to protect your little one’s behind and not break your budget.

Special Bonus: Check here for a coupon on Parent’s Choice diapers and check this list to find out if your store caries the new, improved diapers!

When Benjamin was a baby (and until he was almost FIVE!) we went through a lot of baby diapers. We probably tried every brand out there because we would buy what was on sale and what we could afford, but we always fell back on the reliable baby diapers from Parent’s Choice at Walmart. These diapers have the best absorbency and they never made a rash on my boy. The new, improved Parent’s Choice diapers have a wetness signal on the outside (totally would have loved that six years ago!). And the best part, they are so affordable!

So, Ms. E. has a couple of baby showers coming up and then the birth is coming before we know it, and I decided to use the best baby diapers to make her a Diaper Owl…and of course, I’ll tell you how to make a Diaper Owl as well!

supplies needed for a Diaper Owl #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Diaper Owl Tutorial with the Best Baby Diapers

 The supplies needed for the Diaper Owl are very minimal and the whole thing can be made with under $20 (thanks to the great price on the diapers!).

What you will need:

36 Parent’s Choice diapers (I used size 2)

1 baby bib

1 receiving blanket

1 pacifier


ribbon (1 thick, 1 thin)

2 flowers

hot glue gun (optional)

supplies needed for Diaper Owl eye #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

The first thing you want to make is the eyes of the Diaper Owl. You will need six diapers for each eye, the tape and thin ribbon, and the two flowers.

beginning of a Diaper Owl #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Roll the first diaper, starting with the open end, as tight as you can and tape it. Then, just keep wrapping the diapers in a circle around the first until you have all six together. You can tape them as you go, but keep in mind that the more tape you put on it, the more the mom has to take off when she takes this thing apart. I only used one piece of tape at the beginning and two more pieces at the end.

Diaper Owl eye #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Once you have all six diapers wrapped, this is what you will have – one Owl eye! Use the thin ribbon to tie a knot around it just to reinforce the tape. Then, make the second eye the same way.

flowers for Diaper Owl eye #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Next, you will need to remove the flower off the plastic stem and place the flower in the center of your eyes. I used a hot glue gun to keep it in place because my flowers were bigger than normal and they were too heavy for tape or to stay on their own. If you use a light flower, tape may work. Alternatively, I have seen the eyes made with a dum-dum pop stuck in the center and that would be cute if the baby had an older sibling who would enjoy the pops.

The essence of a Diaper Owl...the eyes #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Once you have the two eyes made, tie them together with another piece of the thin ribbon. This will help them stay in place when you put the entire Owl together.

Diaper Owl body #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Next, you will make the body of the Owl with 20 diapers the same way that you made the eyes by starting in the middle and working your way around. I used a little more tape this time because I was doing this by myself, but you could also periodically tie the circle together to avoid too much tape. Alternatively, if you have a round hat box or cake pan, you can work from the outside in and the form will keep the diapers in place. When you have the body made, place the bib across the front and drape it over the top. It doesn’t need to be held into place with anything because we are going to set the eyes on top.

Diaper Owl body and eyes #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Set the eyes in place on top of the body and then tie it all together with the thicker ribbon. Don’t worry about it being “unsightly” because we’re about to fix that as well.

cover the Diaper Owl with the baby blanket #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Cover your Owl’s head with the receiving blanket and drape it down the body. Now, we have to keep that blanket in place, too.

tie under Diaper Owl bib #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

Use the thin ribbon to tie around the back of the blanket and tie it under the bib so your knot is hidden. Can you see why Parent’s Choice diapers are even the best baby diapers for a Diaper Owl? They have minimal designs on them so anything showing doesn’t look strange.

Diaper Owl beak #shop #BabyDiapersSavings #CollectiveBias

Finally, you need your Owl to have a beak. I used a pacifier, but you could also use a baby washcloth folded into a triangle. I just tied the thin ribbon around the pacifier and strung it between the eyes and body. I pulled it down past the body and tied it to the bottom of the thick purple ribbon. (sorry I didn’t grab a  pic of that) In any case, you want to anchor that beak in place so it won’t fall off.

completed Diaper Owl #shop #BabyDiaperSavings #CollectiveBias

This is my finished product and I’m so proud of how it turned out. I can’t wait to deliver it in person in the next month or so! Projects like a Diaper Owl are just made that much easier and affordable when you use the best baby diapers like Parent’s Choice.

Oh yeah…the remaining 4 diapers are used in the “log” that the Owl is sitting on. It’s a brown paper bag with the bottom cut off and tied with ribbon. Alternatively, you could use another receiving blanket in the roll as well. Enjoy!

Have you ever made a Diaper Owl or some other diaper cake design?


  1. Erin says:

    Ok so prepping for mommy-hood has kept me off of my computer and email so I’m just getting to read this post. Janet, you are one of the sweetest people I know. Thank you for sharing our journey together. You are truly an inspiration to me. I just love ya!
    P.S. AND you can make a cute little diaper owl for sure! 😉

  2. Creative idea! I would never have thought of this. I’m sure your friend loved it. 🙂
    stephanie recently posted..Turkey Pepperoni & Arugula Melt #OldWorldStyleOMMy Profile

  3. Excellent job on your tutorial! You’re a great friend and I’m sure your diaper owl with Parent’s Choice diapers will be appreciated! #client
    Heather {Brie Brie Blooms} recently posted..Brown rice and grape chicken salad recipe, shop Sam’s Club for savingsMy Profile

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