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Name Brand School Supplies on a Budget with Walgreens Paperless Coupons

This post showing you how to buy name brand school supplies on a budget with Walgreens paperless coupons is sponsored by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. You all know I have my own opinions and all the photos are mine as well. #WalgreensPaperless

Name Brand school supplies on a budget #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

It’s that time of year again…school supplies shopping time! I absolutely love this time of year because I’m a big ‘ole nerd and I love everything school supply related. Well, except the price, maybe, but I’ve figured out a life hack for this and I’m going to share it with you today.

school supply list

So, we’re in First Grade this year and my boy is getting excited that school is about to start again. He can’t wait to meet his teacher in a couple of weeks and then school starts in just three weeks from now! I set out this weekend to start the school supplies shopping and was a little taken aback when I saw this list. Can you see all the name brand school supplies that our school is asking for? I can remember when I was in school that we never had a list quite this specific. I mean, we might have had certain colors of folders that the school wanted, but never specific name brands.

Let’s just talk about this for a second.

Schools and teachers know what works in their classrooms and they have been doing this for many years. Teachers are aware of the types of school supplies that work well and the ones that don’t. While I think a few of the things on the list might be a little overdone (4 boxes of Kleenex per child!), I also respect that teachers know what they’re doing. We all know that Crayola crayons color better than any off brand crayons, right? We also all know that plastic folders are going to last longer (especially in a 6 year old’s backpack) than a paper folder. So, I’m not going to grumble too much about the name brand school supplies on this list, but I am going to show you how to get all of these name brand school supplies on a budget.

school supplies aisle at Walgreens #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

Speaking of our tight budget, I haven’t talked much about that lately. I know I’ve mentioned from time to time that we are low on funds or can’t afford something, but I have a friend who helped me create a very strict budget to stick with and there is no wiggle room for overspending…even on something as fun to shop for as school supplies. I headed out to Walgreens this weekend to start the shopping and here’s my life hack secret.

Walgreens Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

In addition to the school supplies, I had to pick up a few other items for the household, like cleaners, lunch items, drinks for my boys, and I had to stick to my strict budget. So, I pulled out my Walgreens app and checked out the paperless coupons that I could load onto my Rewards card. There were quite a few paperless coupons that I was able to quickly clip, even while standing in the aisle and looking for what I needed. In about two minutes, I had an estimated $9 in savings loaded onto my card!

  shopping at Walgreens #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

I loaded up my cart with toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, Gatorade, tuna fish, Dawn soap, and over half of Benjamin’s school supply list and I was getting a little nervous.

You all may remember that I got my start into blogging by watching coupons shows and then reading coupon blogs. I learned so much about couponing and blogging that I just knew I could use my voice to help others on a blog. That was three years ago (this week!) and now I find myself full circle sharing coupons with you all again. In that three years; however, I have let my couponing slide a little and I haven’t been using them as much. I just can’t handle all the clipping and toting around a notebook and planning my trips. I have too many other things to do and I just can’t devote that much time to the couponing as I used to.

  Walgreens receipt #WalgreensPaperless #shop #CollectiveBias

However, with Walgreens paperless coupons, I don’t have to worry about all of that! I don’t go anywhere without my phone so having the Walgreens app and the paperless coupons on my phone is perfect. I can check the ad and the coupons right there in the aisle and then I know what I can buy and save. Once I get to the register, I just have to swipe my card (or scan my phone) and the savings are there! As you can see, I saved almost $15 on this trip and that more than made up for the difference in the name brand school supplies that my son’s school is asking for this year.

I think I’m getting my coupon groove back!

How do you save on name brand school supplies? Do you ever use paperless coupons?


  1. Great job! I remember how tight my Mom’s budget was during the back to school time. Between clothing (for the changing seasons) and school supplies, every little bit saved helps. Great that your coupon groove is back! #client

  2. That’s pretty good! I think we did ours for about $35, but you have a larger list than we do. I love saving money like this!
    Heather recently posted..Dreaming About Christmas In AugustMy Profile

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