Creativity and Sports

This post about creativity and sports, featuring Soccer Bowling, is sponsored by the Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt contest. All opinions are my own. Keep reading so you can learn how to enter the contest, too!

You all know that my boy is crazy about sports and has the most imaginative and creative nature…that I can’t even keep up on most days! He is the love of my life and I am amazed by him every day. That’s why I will do anything and everything I can do to foster that imagination and encourage that love of sports.

My boy loves his sports...especially soccer!

My boy’s latest sports love is soccer and I can’t even tell you how many different soccer balls he owns. But when he had his first Fall soccer practice this week, don’t you know we were headed to the sports store for a NEW soccer ball. He was so excited to own a new Nike ball that was blue with designs on it because last season he was the only one on the team with a generic black and white soccer ball. I mean, it wasn’t the awesome World Cup ball that some of the kids showed up with, but it was his new ball and he was in love!

Lunchbox Ready Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt #sponsored

You may remember earlier this year when we talked about being Team Mom and bringing the best snacks and drinks to t-ball practice and I recommended Fruit Shoot at that time, but this time I’m telling you that having Fruit Shoot on hand for Back to School lunches is the way to go. We love Fruit Shoot in our house because my boy gets the sweet flavors that he loves and I know that he’s getting a great drink that isn’t full of only sugar and all the icky stuff that would make him feel sluggish when he’s heading straight from Summer Camp (or soon, from First Grade) and then to soccer practice in the evening. And now Fruit Shoot has something even more exciting to share…

Have a Ball Stunt HuntFruit Shoot is celebrating the imagination of children with a new #StuntHunt competition. Robinson’s Fruit Shoot is committed to imaginative play and want to see your child’s imagination, tricks, stunts, and awesome abilities. All you need is at least one bottle of Fruit Shoot and a ball (if you don’t have a favorite ball, they will send you one, just see their contest page to find out how to get it!). Then put together a video that is up to 30 seconds long, upload, and enter for your chance to win. Each week a winning video will be chosen and Fruit Shoot will give the winning video a full Hollywood special effects treatment and showcase it on the contest homepage! Click on the Fruit Shoot #StuntHunt contest page for more details and enter now!

Here is our entry in the #StuntHunt contest – Soccer Bowling – Enjoy!

(P.S. You should totally not pay attention to the many boxes and piles of junk around my living room…I’m working on it!)

How do you foster your child’s imagination? Have you considered creativity and sports?

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