The Best Soccer Snacks to Hydrate and WOW the Soccer Players

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The best soccer snacks to hydrate and WOW the soccer players #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

I have learned a lot about organized sports in the past few years with my boy joining all the sports that the YMCA offers. He loves all the sports, but I have to admit that he loves soccer the most. He is good at it and he plays with a smile on his face. The most important things that I have learned about these sports is your child had to be having fun to play a good game and you have to have the best soccer snacks for after the games and practices to be a super Soccer Mom.

The best soccer snacks to hydrate and WOW the soccer players #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

Soccer practice for my boy just started a couple of weeks ago and we ended up having to switch teams from last year. We met with our new team and Benjamin instantly fit right in and is already having a great time. Before the first practice we decided to pick up a new soccer ball and he was so excited to see that the sports store we went to had a bright blue soccer ball. He also ran over and picked up a Powerade for his first practice and it just HAD to be blue to match his ball. The last practice we went to was when we picked up his uniform as well and wouldn’t you know it, the uniforms are bright blue as well. He even got blue soccer socks to match!

hydrate the soccer team #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

This time of year, it is still so hot during practice, and our first game is coming up this weekend, that we have to keep the kids hydrated for even just an hour of soccer practice. Benjamin is hooked on getting a Powerade before every practice (and honestly, just about every drink he chooses is Powerade) and I can definitely approve because it hydrates him when he just won’t drink water for me all the time.

The best soccer snacks to hydrate and WOW the soccer players #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

His love of bright blue Powerade gave me a fun idea for practice this week, so I headed out to Walmart to pick up some of the 12 ounce bottles of Powerade for his team for Monday’s practice. I simply couldn’t just bring the drinks without bringing along a snack so I perused the fresh produce section of Walmart as well for some fresh fruit. And since my husband is a former chef with high end restaurant experience, I commissioned him to make some fun fruit snacks to WOW the soccer players!

produce at Walmart #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

The produce at Walmart is always so fresh and bright and I just knew that I would get some great fruit for whatever Howard decided to make. I’ve loved what he did with a pineapple in the past so that was first on my list (even though he left it off his list). The fresh fruit all smelled so good and I have to admit that I stood around being one of “those” shoppers who feels and smells everything before putting it in my basket.

fresh produce at Walmart #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

And if I didn’t think there was enough, there were employees there stocking even more fresh fruit and ensuring that I was having a wonderful experience in the Fresh Produce section. I might have gone a little overboard with buying fruit, but I wanted to have enough for the fruit snack that Howard was making and enough for us to have it at home as well.

The best soccer snacks to hydrate and WOW the soccer players #shop #CollectiveBias #cbias

I was definitely excited to see the fruit basket that Howard created and I just know the kids are going to have a blast picking out their fruit on a kabob stick after practice. As it turned out, practice was cancelled so this basket is for us, but we’re making another one for Wednesday and I’ll update you all on what the kids thought on Wednesday evening. Come back and you’ll see!

With Powerade and fresh fruit, these have to be the best soccer snacks for any game or practice this season!

UPDATE: The kids loved the fruit and Powerade snacks!

Hydrate the soccer players during practice or the game #shop #CollectiveBias

Howard cut up some fresh fruit for us for the practice tonight and I had their Powerade all ready and cold. I was hoping the team parents wouldn’t mind me giving the kids a snack before practice. It turns out that our coach was running late so they had time to enjoy the snack!

Diggin' in to the fruit basket before practice #shop #CollectiveBias

Everyone got a skewer and they weren’t shy about diggin’ right in!

Enjoying a fruit snack before soccer practice #shop #CollectiveBias

Even my boy (who doesn’t always eat fruit when I want him to) was enjoying his little snack.

Keep them moving during soccer practice with the best soccer snacks #shop #CollectiveBias

Once the coach arrived, the boys were ready to get to work. They practiced hard and were learning new skills such as blocking the ball with their heads and chest. These boys are quick learners and they work hard!

drinking Powerade to hydrate during soccer practice #shop #CollectiveBias

And this young man, my love, just loved being able to share his favorite bright blue Powerade drinks with the whole team! Our first game is this Saturday and I know these boys are going to do great. Go Thundercats!

What do you bring for the best soccer snacks to hydrate and WOW the soccer players?


  1. lisagee1234 says:

    Nice basket! Blue Powerades are my son’s favorite too.

  2. Emily says:

    Your fruit salad idea is so fun! I bet the boys got a kick out of eating with sticks!

  3. Linda Akins says:

    I am not a soccer mom but your photo gave me inspiration for my next pot luck contribution. I usually just make a bowl of fruit salad but I am going to step up my game with those fruit shapes and watermelon basket.

  4. I totally love your fruit basket! Excellent job! Makes a teeny tiny part of me wish there was more summer left!

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