20+ Easy Peasy Super Simple After School Snack Ideas

I’ve put together this collection of 20+ After School Snack Ideas as part of a sponsored post for Foodie. As you know, all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend something that I don’t want to try for myself. P.S. Some of my own snack ideas are in here as well!

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Now that the kids are back in school and growing their little brains, they are going to be coming home hungry and ready for a snack. My boy started 1st grade this year and he goes to the YMCA after school. They have a “super snack” at the Y, but when he comes home, he is still hungry so I’ve been looking around for some easy after school snack ideas.

My friends online had great ideas like fruit, crackers, nuts, dry cereal, and veggies with dip, but I wanted something a little more playful and delicious. I also had a friend recommend watching the Sonic deals for snack ideas (apparently, today is $.50 corndog day, woohoo!). These are all great ideas, but I don’t want to always be reaching in the fridge or cabinet for a pre-packaged snack (even though I know there are days when this will be helpful as well) and I want to provide some good nutrition for my boy. I mean, homework is starting next week and this boy needs some brain food!

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You all know that I’m not the best at snacks and I just haven’t perfected the Bento Box idea just yet. I mean, you have to remember that my boy sometimes eats weiners for breakfast! So…I decided to look on Foodie.com for some ideas and share them with you today!

Here is my collection of 20+ Easy Peasy Super Simple After School Snack Ideas:


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by Janet Pike Krugel at Foodie.com

What are your go to after school snack ideas?

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