5 Confidence Boosters That Will Change Your Life! {plus FREE Daily Affirmations printables}

This post about Confidence Boosters, including Daily Affirmations printables, is sponsored by Socialstars and Poise. #PoisewithSAM

5 Confidence Boosters that will change your life #sponsored #PoisewithSAM

It really is no secret that I have very little confidence on most days. I devalue myself on a regular basis and I don’t accept compliments and positive thoughts gracefully. I put myself down and just generally think of myself not worthy of good things and happiness. I give and give to others, but I don’t accept or give to myself. I have to work hard on my own confidence level and some days I just don’t feel like working on it so I give in to the negative thoughts.

My husband tells me all the time that I should have more self-worth and confidence. He tells me I’m beautiful and smart. He tells me I’m a good Mom and wife. My family loves me for me. My friends love me unconditionally. My coworkers and boss tell me I’m doing a wonderful job. Why can’t I see what others see?

5 Confidence Boosters That Will Change Your Life

If you’re feeling this way about yourself, I have some confidence boosters that I have been trying lately and I’ve noticed a difference so I just had to come and share them with you all today. These confidence boosters, if used on a regular basis will literally change your life!

I love and approve of myself

1. Daily Affirmations

Believe me when I say that reading and repeating daily affirmations will feel weird at first, especially if your confidence is as low as mine. Depending on what you need confidence for, you can change up your affirmation from time to time, but the important part about these is that you say them multiple times per day. Use the printables I have provided below to post them throughout your house or office or in your wallet so you can see it throughout the day. Every time you see it, you must repeat it. It will begin to work, I promise!

exercise for confidence #PoisewithSAM #sponsored

2. Exercise

Exercise is the best confidence booster for the inactive person like me. I work in an office all day and sit to blog or work online in the evening. I live a very sedentary lifestyle. Getting outside (or even doing something inside) really gets my heart beating and my energy level up. Try sometime new that you haven’t tried before or push yourself a little further than you ever have before and this will boost your confidence even more. Walk around the block, climb a hill, or sprint during your daily walk and tell me that doesn’t feel good!

Diet Cherry Coke gelatin salad #ShareItForward #shop #CollectiveBias

3. Make something new

For me, I get in a comfort zone and tend to do the same things over and over. There is no confidence in staying safe and never trying something new. Whether this is a craft, a new meal for your family, or finding a new hobby such as crocheting or knitting, trying something new, whether you are successful or not, will really boost your confidence. I’m not cook (and my husband is a chef so why would I try) but anytime I try a new dish and the family loves it, I feel a boost in my confidence. You may remember when I made that Diet Cherry Coke gelatin salad last week. For some, this is a regular dish, but I had never made a gelatin salad before. I took it to work and when my coworkers loved it, I felt myself stand up a little taller and I was proud of my accomplishment. Try something new and you can feel that way, too!

4. Share a Selfie

There is nothing more confidence boosting than taking a great selfie, posting it online, and getting lots of likes and comments. A few weeks ago, I made a big change in my hairstyle and got bangs. I took a nice selfie (it took me about 10 tries) and then I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. It was amazing to see all my friends and family and online coworkers like, comment, and heart my selfie pic. Talk about boosting confidence! Along with your selfie, say something nice about yourself or exclaim your love for yourself and the likes will double!

Confidence Kit #PoisewithSAM #sponsored

5. Pack a Confidence Kit

A while back I posted about a confidence kit for blogging conferences to include personal hygiene products that will really keep you confident when you’re meeting so many new people. Now I want to add to that kit as I’m experiencing more “issues” and getting a little older. Find a make-up bag or purse that will fit all of your hygiene products for on the go and pack these things:  lipgloss or chapstick, mint flavored gum, hairbrush and hair accessories, feminine products, deodorant or body spray, Poise microliners, hand sanitizer, perfume, small mirror, and of course your business cards for networking.

This confidence kit is not just for blogging conferences, but also for your real life. I’ve told you all about my problems with light bladder leakage (or LBL) and I always make sure I have my Poise microliners packed for the ultimate confidence boost in my hygiene. The microliners are tiny and super thin, but they can protect you from your little “problem” like no other. You want to make your very best impression at all times to really feel the effects of your confidence boosters so you have to have these little friends with you everywhere you go.

Let me get you started by telling you to click this link to get a Poise Microliner sample for free!

Free Printable Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations Printables

I trust myself

I am a Unique Child of this world

I choose to see my family as a gift

I love and approve of myself

I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made

What are your confidence boosters? What daily affirmations do you use?

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