How to Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation in a BIG Way

Celebrate in a big way 

Oh my goodness, you guys, I cannot believe Summer is halfway over and I haven’t told you all about Benjamin’s Kindergarten Graduation. We had so much fun and he was so proud that I just couldn’t keep from telling you all about it. Plus, he will totally love to see this some day when he’s older…I hope. 🙂

graduation ceremony

We have been so proud of our boy all year long in how much he has learned and how good he has been. He won over the heart of his teacher right away with his smile and he made so many new friends. He has a best friend that he sat next to all year long and they talk about each other all the time. They started out doing karate together, ended up in the same Kindergarten, and then ended up on the same t-ball team as well! We learned toward the end of the school year that this boy is moving to the next town over so they won’t see each other in school next year, but hopefully we’ll still see him on playdates and such.

Well, the big day came and Benjamin’s teacher told him to dress “handsome”. To him, this means khaki pants and his “cowboy shirt” and even though that shirt had long sleeves, he still wanted to wear it with his “handsome” shoes as well. They are just loafers, but to him, they are handsome. All the kids lined up and the teacher gave them each an award for the year. I bet you just can’t guess what Benjamin got – the Smiley Award! That boy and his smile…Howard says that smile is going to bring peace to this world.

graduation card front

graduation card inside

You know I have to do it up BIG for my boy so I asked Howard to pick up this giant card for graduation and then I put together a special surprise for Benjamin for when he got in the car after YMCA after school.

  graduation present

A BIG card, an elephant, and some balloons in his car seat!

opening graduation card

He loved it all and couldn’t wait to see his giant card! He flashed his stellar grin for us and we knew we had done something special.

How did you celebrate Kindergarten graduation?

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