27 Uses for Toilet Paper {not toilet paper rolls…the actual paper}

Just about everyone can come up with alternative uses for the toilet paper rolls, but today, as part of a sponsored post for Cottonelle, I’m bringing you 27 alternative uses for toilet paper!

Toilet paper – everybody uses it. Most people have a favorite brand or a favorite type. Most people have an opinion about things like single-ply, double-ply, ridges, texture…and just about everyone has an opinion about the over or under debate. Some people like to stockpile it and others might forego the disposable kind and use reusable toilet paper. But, today I’m talking about the traditional white toilet paper. But I’m not talking about just any brand. I’m talking about the softest, thickest, most effective kind I’ve found – Cottonelle. And I’m not just talking about the toilet paper, but I’m talking about the whole bathroom routine.

Cottonelle toilet paper and wipes - Cottonelle Care Routine

You know when we have babies and they need a diaper change, we reach for the baby wipes and treat their little bottoms nicely with a soft cloth, but for some reason as we get older, we phase out of the soft wipes and move on to…paper. Really, paper? Who thought of this? Why do we change over from something so soft and moist to something dry and harsh? Well, now we don’t have to!

Cottonelle (I mean, really, cotton is in the name!) is soft and plush with a thick absorbent layer to soak up and wipe off anything that needs to be wiped. But now, Cottonelle has taken it one step further and has brought the moist wipes back into our lives. Now, I have a whole routine when I go to the restroom. I enjoy my little routine and I feel fresh coming out. I no longer worry about dingleberries or cottontails…yep, I said it. They’re not sexy and your man will thank you later in the evening…double score!

Don’t believe me, you can try out your own Cottonelle Care Routine by downloading a Cottonelle coupon!

Now that you know about my little routine, check out what else you can do with toilet paper.

Oh…and I should mention, these are uses for the toilet paper, not the wipes…that’s a whole other blog post…

27 Uses for Toilet Paper

1. Number One – it had to be said

2. Number Two – yep, that too

3. Facial tissue

4. Cleaning up after your dog

5. Wrapping (aka t.p.ing) a house

6. Making paper flowers

7. Baby shower party games – how many squares is needed to wrap around mommy’s tummy?

8. Decoration for your bathroom – you know, the decorated t.p.

9. Measuring – a typical square is 4.5 inches, run with it

10. Stuff your bra…or if you’re a man, stuff other places

11. Artwork – I’m not kidding, look at this

12. Killing/cleaning up bugs

13. Make a mummy costume

14. Cover the toilet seat

15. Covering razor nicks

16. Make a temporary bandage

17. Stuff in your shoes

18. Removing make-up

19. Spit out your gum

20. Get dog poop off your shoe

21. Make spit wads…if you’re a 12 year old boy, that is

22. Coffee filter

23. Toy to keep your child busy

24. Toy to keep your cat busy

25. Streamer decoration for a party

26. Wrap a gag gift

27. Put in a window or door to stop a draft

Can you add to my list of uses for toilet paper?


  1. Charlotte says:

    This is a great list! I love the idea of using it for baby showers (I did this for a wedding shower once and we had a great time creating a veil and dress with it!)

    Also, maybe it’s just the way your site appears for me but wanted to let you know that your social media share icons overlap the text in your blog. Not sure if there’s a way to x out of it (I couldn’t find it) but it made your post a bit difficult to read. Just wanted to let you know!!

    Stopping in from SITS Sharefest this morning and hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

    • janet says:

      Thank you for stopping by and for letting me know about the social media icons. I just checked on Chrome and it’s not doing that for me, but I might need to take them off so others don’t have that problem. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m amazed no-one did this before. Oh so tempted to sit and think up 3 more to make it the even 30 but I have too many blogs to read lol. Dropping in from SITS

    • janet says:

      27 is one of my lucky numbers, but 30 would be impressive…I wracked my brain! Thanks for stopping by!

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