Summer Bucket List

With Summer here, I’m planning lots of activities for my boy and me and today, as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and 5-hour ENERGY®, I’ll tell you how to survive a Summer Bucket List . #ThisIsMySecret.

How to Survive Summer Bucket List #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

Benjamin and I have big plans this summer. This is his first Summer break as a school kid and I’ve mentioned before that I want him to live it up. We’re working on building our Summer Bucket List and we wanted to share it with you all. Also, check out the end of this post for a FREE Summer Bucket List printable so you can be active this Summer, too!

On the Summer Bucket List: Waterpark Fun #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

First, and most important, on the list is our local waterpark/splashpad. Last weekend it opened up for Summer and we’ve already visited it twice. Benjamin has the best time there and he always either knows a friend or makes a friend while we are there. There’s no better way to spend a day in Summer than to play in the water with friends.

On the Summer Bucket List: Board Game fun #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

The boy and I love board games and that’s our go-to activity on a rainy day. Lots of board games are on our Summer Bucket List this year. Trouble and Candyland are a couple of our favorites, but we also love Chutes and Ladders and Fish in a Barrel. We need some ideas for some new board games so let me know what your favorite game is for a rainy day.

On the Summer Bucket List: Jumping with friends #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

As I’ve mentioned recently, Benjamin has made some new friends across the street and they have this awesome trampoline and lots of other outside toys. Little M says that Benjamin is his “best bud” and Benjamin says “I love M” so playing across the street is definitely on our Summer Bucket List.

On the Summer Bucket List: Playing with water toys and swimming #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

It seems like every year, we end up buying a new kiddie pool and this Summer is no exception. Benjamin and I headed out to Walgreens to check out their Summer aisle and we picked up this Spiderman pool, some water guns, a water shooter, and some new Spiderman goggles. I see lots of backyard water play on our Summer Bucket List.

On the Summer Bucket List: Water toys from Walgreens and a daily drink of 5-hour ENERGY #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

While we were at Walgreens, I just had to pick up my little secret for surviving the Summer Bucket List…a few bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®. Yep, folks, that’s my secret to surviving the Summer.

5-hour ENERGY #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

Just one of these shots gets me going on a busy day and keeps me going through all the activities my boy wants to get done in a day. One 5-hour ENERGY® shot is only four calories so I’m not breaking my eating plan and there is the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, but I don’t have to drink a hot liquid on a hot day. Plus, I totally doctor up my coffee with sugar and cream so that’s out for me, anyway. You all know that I’ve talked about drinking energy drinks before, but with a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, I don’t have to worry about that crash when it wears off.

Just so you know, this shot is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients. There’s zero sugar, carbs, or herbal stimulants so you’re probably going to love it for a quick Summer pick-me-up.

Also, you should totally pick up the cherry flavor because part of the proceeds from the limited edition cherry flavored 5-hour ENERGY® will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), a non-profit organization that supports the military’s special operations forces and their families

Now, here’s more of our Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List...and How to Survive #ThisIsMySecret #shop #CollectiveBias

Want to make your very own Summer Bucket List like ours? Click on the thumbnail below and print your own!

Summer Bucket List FREE printable

What’s on your Summer Bucket List and how will you survive?


  1. Heather {Brie Brie Blooms} says:

    Your summer bucket list is great! This is the very first summer my daughter will be out of preschool and I’m not teaching so we will have plenty of time to spend together. I’m glad you will be getting some extra energy from 5-hour ENERGY® shots to keep up with all your fun plans! #client

  2. Brandi says:

    Summer is our favorite time of the year! I love the idea of creating a summer bucket list. Thanks for the printable!

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